Finance Minister calls for Kuwaiti companies to invest in Iraq

2017-04-03 at 14:22

Baghdad scales news

Financial Minister/agency Razak Alissa, Monday, Kuwaiti companies to invest in Iraq.

Alessa said in a statement after he met with Kuwaiti Ambassador in Baghdad, Salim and his entourage, the times received a copy of balance/news, that "historical, geographical and economic participants represent an important space for the two countries to enhance bilateral cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait".

He added, "one investment cooperation mission at this stage," stressing "the importance of the development of scientific cooperation, especially in the field of Economics and planning in order to achieve the scientific interest parties".

Minister, a Kuwaiti companies to invest in Iraq. "
For his part, the Kuwaiti Ambassador expressed "readiness to strengthen the pillars of the participants between the two sides and stand together, to confront all obstacles and challenges."