Maliki announced the zero hour
Published on Sunday, 27 May 2012 15:03

Baghdad / Orr News

I learned the agency (UR) to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday issued an order to enter the army and police and security services on high alert, starting on Monday until next Thursday, in a proactive and uncaused.
A security source said a senior Agency (UR), who asked not to be identified, said the telegram issued by the Office of the Adjutant General to enter all the security alert (c), did not explain the reasons for declaring a state of high alert. He explained that the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, ordered the regiment to move the tactical strength of the anti-terrorism to the city of Najaf, and ordered them stationed there for a week.
And Earlier reports indicated that al-Maliki sent 500 an element of its security forces to the siege of Najaf, home of the leader of the Sadrist movement, in the wake of a meeting which brought together Alhanana opponents of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
The information security source said al-Maliki issued his orders to launch an extensive campaign of raids for the purpose of arrest Baathists and former officers in the Iraqi army in Baghdad and other governorates of Iraq.
The ornament has revealed sources told Orr about the flow of light and medium weapons on the offices of the Dawa Party in the provinces of the Middle Euphrates. The sources said that the people of the Middle Euphrates cities are talking about the cars belonging to the Prime Minister's Office to transfer a variety of weapons to the offices of the Dawa Party in the provinces of Babil, Diwaniyah.