Abadi: billions of dollars previously lost due to the loss of planning
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed the prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, that corruption is no less dangerous than terrorism, "noting that" the confrontation with terrorism and liberate territory did not prevent us from the direction of reform in the economy and the rest of the institutions
Ebadi said during his speech in Iraq Energy Forum , which was held in Baghdad on Sunday Iraq has enormous potential and opportunities for promising, spacious and the government has a great keenness to encourage investment
The government is seeking to take advantage of every barrel of oil to serve the citizen and the development of the country and from every gas flame was wasted 90 years ago where we have the first time to benefit from this gas
Abadi pointed to the importance of the transformation of the manufacturing industries and create job opportunities for young people and give hope to them " noting that the government is committed to the partnership between the public sector and the private sector
He added that billions of dollars previously lost due to the loss of planning adding that the government is moving toward building a strong Iraqi economy for the advancement of the country and not rely on a single source."
Among Abadi , that " the state perceives it evolves alone is the wrong state and the belief that you imagine it would be far away from terrorism in isolation from the region Vaatqadha wrong too."
He said , We are embarking on a new phase of the country would make it forward calling the conference to supplement the government with more ideas to develop their investment plans anthy https://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=140807