Iraq is heading to supply Kuwait with 200 million feet of gas per day

Kuwait-live: the Iraqi oil Minister said Sunday that his country will supply Kuwait State 200 million cubic feet of gas a day, likely will soon finish a project to supply gas to Kuwait, Kuwait News Agency quoted "VOA".

Jabbar pointed allaibi Iraq investment for 1.4 billion cubic feet of gas a day this year, compared with 650 million cubic feet through 2016, according to Kuna.

Allaibi said: that Iraq's production of liquefied gas rose to 6000 tons a day, with average export tons a day, according to the Agency.

According to the Agency, allaibi predicted that gas production will continue to increase over the next year, bringing the production rate to 7 thousand tons a day and 1.7 billion cubic feet of gas accretion rate investor.

The Minister also predicted, as "Kona", that Iraq's exports of liquefied petroleum gas rises to 1500 tons a day.

Separately, detect gabbar allaibi Iraqi Iranian talks about partnership in the production of joint border oilfields.

The oil Minister and Kuwaiti electricity and water Minister, said at the end of last December, it was agreed that Kuwait will import her gas from Iraq, and will start importing 50 million cubic feet per day , ranging up to 200 million cubic feet per day.

On 6 February, the Iraqi South gas company said the State-run Iraq seeks foreign partner in the project to build and run the station again to deal with associated gas to produce oil from the southern fields.