Minister of housing and municipal big water can run Basra confirms end of 2017

Sun, 02 Apr 2017 13:33:58

Minister of construction and housing and municipalities that gratis Osei, on Sunday, the possibility of large water project running Basra end 2017, after the completion of the third and fourth phases.

Osei said during a joint conference with Governor of Basra to "project is located in the area north of the city centre and Al Hartha is a Japanese loan financing card works thirty-two thousand cubic meters per day", explaining that "the Ministry plan pay toward coordination with local governments to identify problems of provinces and complete implementation of projects falling within the responsibility of the Ministry."

Governor of Basra, said Majid Nasraoui, Basra Government got promise of Ministry projects kheraibt and Yasin regions spend pod through "payment, stressing agreement with the Minister that the implementation of a project loan of Zubair streams.