Association of private banks out new banking cycle under its ambitious plan for developing the resources of mankind in Iraqi banks


In Baghdad, Iraqi private banks mkorrabth course in the subject (universal banking operations) with the participation of 96 workers at various banks.

Organizing this session comes before the Iraqi private banks Association in atarkhtatha human development the means ambitious training Iraqi banks, which included more than 600 employees.

Participants received three days of lectures on how to upgrade the banking business to strengthen citizen trust in public banks and contributes to the fight against money laundering and terrorism, as well as all cognitive activities pertaining to their banking and raises the Iraqi banks into the ranks of advanced world banks.

Addressing the graduates, President of the Association of private banks reviewed meek training Association plans bitter melon human resources in Iraqi banks since its inception some years ago, first bringing Arab and foreign lecturers, experts in the various functions of the banking business.

Bitter melon confirmed the success of the Association in this field guide to gaining several certificates of encouragement and praise from Iraqi, Arab and foreign contacts, the latest initiative of the US Treasury representative in Iraq/John Sullivan/who presented during his visit to Headquarters days before medal/John/which is normally granted to companies and organizations that provide a distinctive and successful.

Bitter melon noted that doralrabeth sistmeroitasz training, to support employees in the Iraqi banking sector with all required skills.

Wetshirtkarirksm training in association to the success of these sessions and the workshops during the first quarter of the year 2017 eight in various financial and banking jurisdictions, principally the workshop workers on commercial fraud involving 20 specialist judge these crimes of Rusafa Court of appeal, as the Association plans to organize similar course for 20 judges another subject of money laundering and the fight against alarhabkoriba in the framework for cooperation and coordination with the judiciary in the fight against crime in its various forms.

In aspiring to achieve record Association to organize training courses with the end of the year, the ambitious modern banking atarkhtatha industrial support concept, and foreseeing the banking doralamel in the development of the national economy, and achieving sustainable development, and raise the level of workers in this sector within the strategy of comprehensive awareness includes all private and State banks.

As the training plan adopted by ASEAN for the year 2017 to keep abreast of technical and scientific developments in the banking world, including citizen yaszthkh banks, and contributes to encourage them to deposit their savings in cash and contribute to advancing the implementation of krartotin employees in private banks approved by the Central Bank of Iraq.

It is observed that after anew ttoirmkerha ngazmsharoa in Baghdad early this year a leap in quality training services in various functions of the banking business, especially in the field of almkhatralmservih management and compliance with global banking rules and combating money laundering and terrorism, baatbaralakhirimthl the concern of all banks in the world at present.