Salih: Rentier State embodied in the vilest of Iraq

Since 2017-04-02 10:58
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Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Sunday, Barham Salih, Rentier State embodied in the vilest of Iraq.

Saleh said during his participation in Iraq's Energy Forum held at the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad, that "corruption in Iraq that perpetuates terror and violence", adding "not overuse victories achieved until now."

He added that "Iraq is approaching our Organization of ISIS, and we should not abandon him and dialogue between components, adding that the time has come to hold a dialogue in Baghdad, not in Ankara nor Tehran and Washington between all the components on the future of the country and its economic system, and make any dialogue-based Baghdad or future political map."

He stressed that "there must be the establishment of a Fund for development and international investment", adding that "this Fund will focus on" infrastructure projects and create national cohesion.

He also noted that "economic projects might combine political band," according to his statement ended