Jubouri after the release of al-Dulaimi: can not build a state of injustice and must activate the general amnesty law
BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - April 1
/ April: Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri said that the state can not be built with injustice and without justice and justice to achieve through which a political building of our country is going in the right direction A statement by his office, said Jubouri met former member of the Baghdad Provincial Council Laith al- Dulaimi who was recently released after his arrest on charges of terrorism in 2012 and stressed that "how many innocent people are still in prisons either false Buchyh or secret Bmbr, and out of my brother Laith al - Dulaimi is a message for all to activate the law amnesty and the release of innocent detainees Jubouri "My brother Laith al - Dulaimi , the joy and share with this return after these long years that were not easy on you and us Vqdatk is not about a person as much as it attaches to the phenomenon of belonging to many innocent people in prison The exit (Dulaimi) is a message to all forces in order to accelerate the release of the oppressed and the activation of the amnesty law Q ended https://www.iraqpressagency.com/?p=238273