Maliki's coalition: to overthrow the government and end the unity of Iraq
Date Published: Monday, May 28, 2012
Hoda Jasim (Baghdad) - warned of the National Alliance Party in Iraq yesterday, trying to draw confidence from the Prime Minister the leader of a coalition of state law falls within the Alliance Nuri al-Maliki, adding that the drop ends and the unity of Iraq, to ​​be the last president of a unified country, ignoring the demands of the political forces that gave Alliance ended in ten days, to find a replacement for al-Maliki. While five people were killed and six wounded attacks in Baghdad, Nineveh and Diyala and Anbar.
By the end of a deadline set by the meeting which was attended by leaders of Najaf, the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance and Sadrist movement in the 19 of this month, the National Alliance, yesterday held an emergency meeting included leaders to come out strongly worded warnings against trying to overthrow the government of Maliki.
He said the National Alliance, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said the paper Erbil meeting of the leaders of the quintet at the end of last April, and promised good, "researched and follow-up, according to the contexts in charge."
He called on the coalition of all political forces to create a positive atmosphere for dialogue and move away from the "convulsive speeches."
He emphasized that "the political body of the Alliance stressed the importance of unity and cohesion of forces described the challenges, and the principle of national partnership and serious players."
He added that "the meeting saw agreement on the whole what was shown from the ideas and opinions contained in the messages and documents exchanged between the political blocs in its various meetings, including paper Erbil last," saying it "constructive ideas and worthy of research and serious follow-up according to the contexts the process responsible."
The National Alliance for the "deep belief that Iraq does not run from a single component, but by aiding all of its components," calling on all political forces to "Configuration, positive atmosphere for dialogue among themselves, and to avoid convulsive speeches."
And called for "a national meeting as soon as possible and as a Mathaba process to find solutions to the problems all related to state building and strengthening its institutions."
For his part, MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, that the withdrawal of confidence from the government of Maliki is an announcement of the last president of the Government of Iraq and a single, unified, stressing that al-Maliki "safety valve" to abort the project, Vice President Joseph Biden, to partition Iraq and the issue of the regions and those who do. He called for political blocs to keep the government from political differences.
The MP said the block free parliamentary of the Sadrist movement Prince Kanani, "The National Alliance only a statement only, because the components did not reach any result," noting that "the meeting failed to provide a clear answer about the reforms that I asked him, also failed to offer an alternative to the owners."
He ruled out "any meeting discusses these two things," noting that "a coalition of state law on Egypt that the situation remains as it is, while others are calling for reform." Kanani and confirmed that "the question of withdrawal of confidence from the government, however, are political leaders who met in Erbil, it is their responsibility because they are demanding political reform."
And the Iraqi List, yesterday revealed the existence of more than 180 deputies would vote to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. A member of the Iraqi List MP Ahmed electrodes, said that "if things got to the process of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister, the required number of no confidence is available, and than 180 votes, including members of the National Alliance."
He continued that "the Iraqi List, pending a response from the National Alliance on the nine points made by the social leaders in Erbil and Najaf." He explained that "the National Alliance has two options, either to respond positively to the points and nine government proceed with the implementation of this Agreement, or the coalition to nominate a replacement for al-Maliki to withdraw confidence from the government and the formation of a new government headed by a candidate alternative for him."
The electrodes that "the next two days will witness another meeting in Arbil, the leaders themselves may join them for the way other people claim the National Alliance, replacing al-Maliki."
Security, killing two gunmen and wounded the commander of the protection of the power of awakening in the viewing area north of Baghdad, the clash between police and gunmen. In Nineveh province, killing three soldiers were killed in a bombing targeted their patrol area west of Mosul Dam Badush.
The security force found the body of an unidentified young man spent shot dead in central Mosul neighborhood of the pedal.
In the province of Diyala, a soldier and a civilian separate two incidents in the province. In the province of nationalization, officer wounded in the power of awakening to spend Hawija southwest of Kirkuk when a roadside bomb adhesive. In the province of Anbar, officer wounded in a fight against terrorism and his driver, an armed attack the center of the city of Fallujah.