Iraq joins the project to promote Arab food security

01/04/2017 05:55 | Number of readings:

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Iraq joined the project to strengthen food security in the Arab countries in its second phase.
An official source at the Ministry of Agriculture said that the Agricultural Research Department of the Ministry of Agriculture started the implementation of the project to strengthen food security in the Arab countries in the second phase.

He pointed out that despite the delay in implementing it due to exceptional circumstances, The plan of action, revealing the selection of farmers in Baghdad and three provinces are Diwaniyah, Wasit and Diyala, which was distributed seeds among them and follow-up cultivation in their land.

He pointed out that the work in the project includes several axes, including the seed producers and the axis of agricultural directorates, in addition to the agricultural extension, pointing out the effective cooperation with the project by the agricultural research, plant protection, seed inspection and certification and agricultural training, The cultivation of cultivated varieties and the start of broad and high-scale bush control, as well as the implementation of the organic spraying and extraction of micro-elements of farmers' land.

The source added that the efficiency of the use of the high-angle ruler will be introduced for the coming season because of its positive effects in increasing production and reducing the quantities of water used for irrigation. He stressed that the main objective of the project is to bridge the gap between local and imported products. During increased wheat productivity. Jh