Transport announces the repair of the damage of the platform of Basra oil port by "record time"

March 31, 2017 | 10:11 AM - Number of readings: 54 views

Iraqi Position Network

The Ministry of Transport announced on Friday the completion of repair work and the restoration of damage to the linking platform in the port of Basra oil because of the thunderstorm, explaining that the work was done in "record time."

The ministry said in a statement received "the Iraqi position," a copy of it, "The Minister of Transport Kazem Cup pigeon supervised the field on the restoration work from yesterday night until daytime," indicating that "workers in the ports and shipping companies have returned what was destroyed by thunderstorm extraordinary efforts to return The port has its normal capacity. "

Al-Hamami instructed all employees of the port of Basra to be honored for their dedication to their work in the rehabilitation of the podium in a record time. He called on the media to "be accurate in transmitting the news to the public confusion" "He said.

The Ministry of Transport denied on Monday (March 27, 2017) that the berth number (1) in the port of Basra oil was destroyed by a collision of a tanker due to bad weather conditions, and confirmed that the incident caused minor damage at the site to connect the ropes.