Mr. Ammar al-Hakim: Corruption is our next battle and must change from partnership to majority [expanded]

Release date: 2017/3/31 17:15 252 times scheduled

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, said that the next battle of Iraq against corruption and spoilers after the end of the guerrilla stage, calling for the "terrorist" to "change the approach of the political system of partnership to the majority and the national minority."

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim said in a speech to the crowd at Baghdad's industrial stadium and the crowds gathered in 15 provinces in commemoration of the martyrdom of the martyr of the mihrab, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim. "I salute you, and I thank you. Of our people in Anbar, Ninewa and Dahuk that we did not agree to involve them in this major event this year, and today is our date as it is each year with our history and our project and our flame that does not extinguish. Today we renew the covenant of the covenant with you and with the faith and the homeland. God sincerity and dignity and history and parents. "

"From the martyrdom of the mihrab we learned to stand when the others bow down, to speak when they are silent, and to show them when they are slaughtered," said Shahid al-Mihrab, "How great projects are born from the pits of the gallows and how great challenges are great opportunities. About the birth of his project {National Opposition Project}. "

"The martyr returned to the homeland, carrying his soul between the comfort of his hands and his project in the hearts of millions of his people. He wanted a constitution written by the Iraqis, he wanted a democratically elected government, and he wanted a free country that was neither a subordinate nor an occupier. He wanted an Iraq that was open to His Arab and Islamic neighbors and the international community, he had some of what he wanted, and still some of his dreams did not see the light.

Today, Iraq is standing with us to remember its men who have retreated with it. The great lands do not forget their heroes, their leaders and their men. Our Iraq is great since the day of the martyrdom of the martyr of the mihrab, his wisdom, his faith, his patriotism and his perseverance. His fire was cold and peace upon Abraham {p}.

The leader of the National Alliance said: "Honorable nobles, sons of martyrs of the mihrab and Aziz of Iraq, your leaders were never the leaders of a stage, but they were always leaders of the project and positions. The leadership is humility and humility to God and the faith and the people and this beloved country, and leadership is tender and they were given from their blood to wear their killers And gave their patience until they were aware of their prisoners, and gave the same denial to their enemies and competitors. "

"We are reminded of the martyrdom of the mihrab. We recall that Islamic character, the calm, open, moderate, patriotic, and also the decisive personality, the sharp, sharp sword in the face of all." He said, "The leadership is dignified, dignified and dignified, who denies the Shahama of your Mahdi and your honor and your dignity. Who is exposed to the homeland, people and faith. "

He went on to say that "our martyr Abu Sadiq was working for the authentic Muhammadite Islam, so he did not hesitate and did not stop and stand like a mountain against tyranny and deviance, and he worked for the nation and mobilized everyone in national projects that exceeded national, sectarian and regional."

"The martyr of the mihrab gave us a current that deserves to be proud of, his approach and his vision have given us a bridge to cross many of the slopes and crises that the country is going through and the society is facing, and gave us a current that bridges all the spectrums of the Iraqi people. For the people of this country without discrimination or sensitivity or contract or narrow accounts. "

"We are sons of Iraq's Nakheel, the sons of Najaf, Karbala, the sons of the Tigris and the Euphrates, we are the sons of the mountain and the mountains, the detention camps and the exile, and we are the sons of this people who astonished the world with patience and will."

He added that "your current can be at the forefront when Iraq needs its men, and how much of this current, how hard you get the screws and how much others to blame you, you have to learn from the martyrs of the mihrab patience, patience and perseverance, I am confident that tomorrow is yours and that the future of Iraq is in your right hand And with you all honorable and good sons of the homeland and faith. "

The head of Shahid al-Mihrab stressed that "our project requires that we express all the obstacles and be always ready and extend our hands to all who believe in Iraq and its right to live decent," adding that "Iraq today desperately need you, has passed a lot of difficulties but remained "The biggest challenge is to take the initiative and guide this nation to safety. We can not abandon Iraq and its fateful issues. Iraq will not abandon us because it knows that we are its loyal sons and loyal men."

He said that "our people care for us more because it contemplates us more and because it sees in us its future more, and we have to be on the level of responsibility and to assess our work and do what is wrong with us and to rearrange our goals and priorities in accordance with our vision and our political belief in which we believe and work."

He stressed that "today we are on the threshold of a fateful and crucial stage so that our homeland will be home to us. Let us be our citizens' goals." "They are preoccupied with the concerns of your people and defended them, and they stood up for their service. There is no greater honor than serving the people and achieving well-being for them.

And that "Iraqis deserve a reality much better than the reality in which they live now and deserve to build them a modern state provide them with services and decent living security, and this can not be achieved unless it met the good guys from the people and committing themselves to serve their country and work very hard and determination and perseverance, and were keen to people's money And you are the ones who will gather the faithful and walk with them in one project for a better Iraq for his sons and daughters, and in order to build a fair modern state "

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim said, "At this critical and sensational time, the voices will rise and try to get you from lies, slander, distortion and distortion. You are targeted because they fear your project and your credibility and clarity of your approach. Do not care about all the dust that they provoke and continue to work with strength and strength.

The people, and as we were in contact with terrorism, we will have a say in the fight against corruption and corrupters, as soon as we have finished our fateful battle with al-Da'ash. As we have mobilized all the resources and we won in our arrival on the road we will mobilize all the required capabilities and we will win the spoilers with the permission of the people. God Almighty ".

"Terrorists and corrupters are in one alliance, they are two sides of a single coin. They work with one methodology. Without corruption, terrorism would not have destroyed the bodies of our people every day."

"They will try to block your movement and delay your progress, because they are well aware that if you come forward, no one can turn you back, you have to be determined and pledge your leadership to victory, steadfastness, perseverance, and perseverance. For you".

He said, "We have carried unity and slogan and feelings and accepted to address the presidency of the National Alliance because we believe in the reform of the systematic and productive, and we have determined {your servant and brothers in the National Alliance) to reform the largest institution, and here is the coalition today has organized its work and built structures and approached more than his audience, We promise to be with you in every step and every tear. In every victory smile, I promise you that I will be for you, for Iraq, for Islam and for faith, and that I will not lean on the compass of Iraq, and that I will not turn away from it.

The martyrs that we will not forget , And they will remain recalcitrant illuminate our path, orphans and promise that we will not turn a blind eye to us even close their eyes safely and tranquility, accept the hands of the mothers of the martyrs who conceived their loved Akpadhn yesterday and are today carrying the flames of separation in their hearts. "

"For the sake of Iraq, you have to be patient, and for the sake of faith you have to mix the race with tears, and your project is not a choice, it is a destiny, and your role is not a stage but a path and a method, And you are preparing for a new stage to come to your current and your country will be your word is the window and see you is the compass, God willing. "

"You have been in politics as you were in the fighting, you are only carrying Iraq, and you are at the highest level of discipline. They did not increase, did not invite, and did not say what you did not say. Do you, and you are in the fighting just as you were in life confident and faithful and uninvited providers, Vlf salute you, love and bond and pride that we proud of.

The president of the National Alliance said: "Heroes, sons of martyr Muharab and Aziz of Iraq, this year be distinguished by your movement, perseverance, organization and trust in your Lord, yourselves, your leadership and your project. This year will be decisive and distinctive. Do not spare any effort and do not neglect an honest and fair way to achieve your goals. Your strength will strengthen Iraq and your position will win the right and your progress will approach the people to achieve his dream of social justice and security and stability.

He added: "You have done it before and I am sure that you will repeat it in the near future and will maintain your presence and progress despite all the difficulties, skepticism, targeting and attempts of unjust boycotts. We believe in a single Iraq that reconciled with itself, which congratulates all its sons from Zakho and FAO. To restore the displaced people to their cities and villages, to reconstruct the liberated areas and liberated areas, to the cities of the victim and to the cities of sacrifice. We call on the Arab and Islamic countries and the international community to support Iraq in this mission. All of it. "

He stressed, "We will maintain this Iraq even if we stayed alone and remembered history for us that we have not abandoned the homeland mountains and palm trees until the end, and today we are approaching the defeat of terrorism and the expulsion of the darkness of our country, the wisdom and logic prompts us in order to tell everyone that he must sit at home table and put all our differences and differences And we must work to create a national settlement that will make the world and history respect us. There is no settlement except by the hands of the Iraqis, no settlement of external trusteeship, no settlement by bypassing the constitution, no settlement by return to the previous squares, and we must eventually be together in this country.

"We say today and with confidence, without a real national settlement and mutual concessions and tolerance of all, we will not be able to maintain the unity of Iraq, Oh God, I have reached, O God, I testify."

"We believe in our project and we will not give up on it and those who do not understand it today will regret it tomorrow, as they regretted many of the positions that we announced and caused because of it and then they came and adopted it," he said. "We decided that our vision would be a precedent for others and we ask God to help us. Moral and national, and God then the people and our sergeant and we do not seek to manipulate the feelings of ordinary people and trade their emotions and their future. "

"We believe in an Iraq that is effective, not passive and honest with its people and neighbors and respected in the international community, and we believe in a Iraq where the Shiites and Sunnis are integrated and not intersect. The Arabs, the Kurds, the Turkmen and the Shabak are mutually supportive, and Muslims, Christians, Sabians and Isidis coexist. Among them, this is not dreams but goals and we, God willing, the honorable people of this people will achieve our goals because they serve the faith and the homeland and humanity. "

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim said, "The stage of sectarian and national confinement has ended and the people are no longer paying attention to the differences. It was 13 years. It was enough to prove that there is no real sectarianism in this country. There is no sectarian people. There are also some sectarian politicians. Politicians are racists and there is no divided people, but there are some politicians divided by interests, narcissism and personal projects. Therefore, it is necessary to change the approach in which the political system is managed from national partnership to the majority and the national minority who compete to serve the nation and the citizen. To whom he sees it best to run the country. "

"This is the democracy that we are working to consolidate in our country after a long period of work and sacrifices to build the democratic system. Our people are tired of inefficiency and mismanagement, which is a failure of all and without exception. Everyone is responsible for this failure. Has no sons of this people, is no longer favoritism and nepotism and regionalism acceptable to the people, and everyone should offer the best whether he is a candidate in the election or an executive in the State or a political official. "

He stressed, "There is no difference in the sites because they all sites make you in the interface with the people must be better in order to gain respect and acceptance, and we are in the stream martyr Mehrab promise our people that we will in the next phase of a new youth faces and competent take it upon themselves to work on building a modern state fair and development Service to the homeland and the citizen. "

"You and your brothers today fight and win. You have formed many brigades in the popular crowd, and you have seen my distaste and discipline, courage, courage and steadfastness, and you have not been subjected to any breach or exaggeration or abuse during the fighting. You have brought more than 730 martyrs and 1,400 wounded seriously, , And this battle is the fiercest battle in the history of modern Iraq and our enemy carries a doctrine deviant and believes that our killing brings him to God and sent us suicide bombers from all parts of the earth, we fought fiercely and faith and broke their Shawqthm and superiority over them, God willing, and proved to ourselves and the world that we are able to Victory if we trust in God and our determination to triumph and unite us towards its goals. "

"We must maintain this momentum and save the fighters after the final victory and not only by keeping them away from the political conflict and confrontation because we will lose the policy and lose the fighters and make a mistake that will regret it all. Let us work for Iraq as a meeting point and a bridge for communication and we will not allow it to be a yard for gamblers. Or settling accounts. "

He pointed out that "the strength of Iraq deep relations with everyone and be a gateway for good for all, and we have repeatedly said that the understanding between the countries of the region will strengthen them and avoid falling under the blackmail of international interests are contradictory."

He added that "sitting together, dialogue, identifying and neutralizing the points of engagement and finding points of agreement is better than wasting time, blood and wealth in side wars that will not be good for the region and its peoples, whatever their justifications and whatever their consequences. , Peace on our great references and on the martyrdom, especially the martyrs of the Sadrists and martyr of the mihrab and Aziz of Iraq, peace on the patient who trust in themselves and their homeland and their future peace to those who preceded us in the way of dignity and peace to the men of the army and the federal police and Peshmerga and Sons of For the tribes and peace to the men of the popular crowd loyal to their reference and their homeland. "