Pentagon: will post video series shows the responsibility of ISIS new connector

2017/3/31 8:37


She said the Pentagon [the Pentagon] she soon will publish a video recording shows fighters from ISIS and they drive civilians into a building in the city of Mosul and then shooting him in the latest reply from the U.S. Army to criticism that followed another explosion believed caused dozens of dead civilians in the new neighbourhood of Mosul last Friday.

And the U.S. military has admitted that his probably led Allied role in the explosion that occurred on 17 March but said that liability could also fall on ISIS.

And local officials and eyewitnesses said that up to 240 people may have been killed in new explosion of Mosul neighbourhood when the building collapsed, burying families under its ruins.

Amnesty International has called on the Croatian also called on to provide better protection for civilians trapped in combat zones in Iraq.

The Pentagon does not normally publish photographs or recordings of operational sites, but had so this month after he denied hitting a mosque in Syria and broadcast a picture from the weather to show that the mosque was intact, and are investigating the incident.

A spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition to fight ISIS told reporters on Thursday that seeks to remove secrecy from video shows ISIS entering civilians in a building in West Mosul as bait to tempt the Alliance to attack. "

Colonel Joseph skroka "what happens now is not using civilians as human shields, first discovered this through a video today as armed fighters forced civilians to enter the ISIS building and killing one was resisting then used the building as a fight against [CTU]."

Defense Minister Irfan algiali said during Tuesday's hosted in Parliament about the incident said that "preliminary investigations indicate that the incident in the new connector is ISIS," stressing that "no interest charge against anyone without evidence, we won't be long in revealing the facts in front of public opinion."

As Interior Minister Qasim al-araji also meeting that "ISIS makes civilians as human shields and killing a civilian is painful for everyone," alluding to the investigation on the incident was ongoing and Cabinet in sending a ministerial delegation to the left coast area to support civilians and security forces in battle, explaining that no country at war party by demanding accountability of security services. "

"The evidence shows that what happened was by Iraqi forces will take all legal action but the data suggest that ISIS is behind what happened."

According to a parliamentary report during a session of Parliament on the incident to the US-led coalition said that "neighborhood connector March 17 saw a new book of hundreds of civilians in one of the buildings and the ISIS terrorist shooting at security forces which consider international alliance source of fire which led to the bombing of the building and killed 263 civilians."

As the parliamentary security and Defence Committee stressed the role of the Coalition bombing said today in a report on "the Parliament session new Mosul was hit by an air strike by Coalition aircraft on residential homes where civilians showed up and the counter terrorism chief information bombardment which contributed to providing assistance for the evacuation of martyrs," said the air strike was at the request of Iraqi forces as terrorist by ISIS to detain civilians as human shields. "

Representative of your fight against terrorism during a host of Ministers and security chiefs yesterday in Parliament that "terrorist ISIS benefited from lessons left coast battles and resorted to using civilians as human shields," alluding to the international coalition forces "handled the same day the new connector three-wheeled bomb incident but cannot lead to such destruction.

Parliament Speaker Salim Al-jaburi stressed that "can't be committed now that the results of the investigation on the incident," urging that "advances the House thanks to the security forces and the popular crowd and cops and clan for their sons in the battle and warn of the enemy's tricks few flashily dressed assistants and not rushing to provide details of the incident and left to the competent parliamentary committees of inquiry, explaining that the enemy fights in his last days and his unlikely dissentions between the sons of the homeland."