Parliament will vote today on a number of laws
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} will hold the House of Representatives, on Thursday, its regular.
And includes the agenda of the meeting "vote on the draft Iraqi National Paralympic Committee Act, the vote on the origin of the formation of an investigative committee regarding the abducted and from the following committees {security and defense, human rights, legal and deputies provinces that belonged to the kidnapped province of Anbar, Salah al - Din province, Baghdad province, Diyala province, north of Babil and Baghdad belt}. "
It also includes " a general topic for discussion about the security situation in the district of Sinjar , and the report of the committees {security and defense, regions and governorates not organized in a region}, the first reading of the draft agricultural land rent law, the first reading of the bill abolishing the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. {223} 1980 Act ".
It also includes " the first reading of a proposed nursing union law, introduced quarterly activity of the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research Report, the quarterly activity of the Integrity Committee" .anthy