Dhi Qar province is going to invest Nasiriyah airport and establish a free zone

30/3/2017 The number of readings: 163 - Issue (3889)


While the administration of the province of Dhi Qar to launch the airport of Nasiriyah, which opened on the tenth of March, to invest and establish a free zone in order to revive the industrial and tourism sectors, and to stimulate capital to invest in the province, an expert on economic affairs that the airport can be a capacity of one million An annual traveler and an establishment providing three thousand jobs for the people of the province.

Chairman of the Investment Authority of Dhi Qar Dr. Luay Al-Khairullah said in an interview with (to the extent) that the investment of Nasiriyah airport will have a great impact on the investment movement, and will contribute to the development of economic sectors that are related to the transport sector, so we are offering to invest in front of companies wishing to work In the field of providing services in the field of air transport, pointing out that some companies expressed their desire to invest, and was provided with the information required to study the airport as a promising investment project, "especially since we previously faced investors in the province of Dhi Qar, whether Arabs or local, The need for a civilian airport to facilitate it Transport and work of the equipment directly to the work sites in any project, instead of unloading them in Basra or Baghdad and spending additional costs to transport them to the province of Dhi Qar.

The governor of Dhi Qar Yahya al-Nasseri, in turn calls on investors to "employ their potential in investment projects within the service sectors at Nasiriyah airport, especially as the airport has all the elements of facilitating work and investment can contribute to the development of sectors of transport, tourism and investment and other sectors, what the province owns marshes and riches Oil and other resources, necessitating the existence of sophisticated means of transport. "

Naciri also confirms in an interview with (to the extent) that the airport of Nasiriyah is gaining importance in the establishment of infrastructure to encourage tourism, investment and development of the oil industry through services to be provided to the oil companies operating in the province, so try to attract foreign companies and encourage them to invest in The province, requires that there be modern transport and airports close to the work site, to facilitate the transfer of equipment and materials required in the implementation of investment projects, which we seek to develop in the work of Nasiriyah airport to promote the work from local to global, including the establishment of a free trade area, , That the airport investment project positively reflected on all sectors and economic areas in the province, not to mention the provision of many jobs for graduates.

On the other hand, the head of the Dhi Qar Governorate Hamid al-Ghazi, in an interview with (to the extent), the desire of the province to raise the size of its financial resources through the operation of Nasiriyah airport, as agreed with the Ministry of Transport, that the resources of the airport equally between the ministry and local government In Dhi Qar and management of the joint airport, pointing at the same time, to the great economic importance of the province of Dhi Qar, because it includes many tourist facilities, which if invested correctly, will have huge financial returns to the country, and improve the service and economic status of the people of the province.

The investment of the airport comes as a continuation of the step of annexing the marshes and monuments in the province to the World Heritage List. Al-Ghazi continued: "All this is in addition to the investment of this airport, which will also contribute to the oil companies operating in the governorate, , Especially that Nasiriyah does not have a border outlet, which is this airport, will open to the world, and we hope to transfer airport flights from the interior to the international in the near future.

And on the importance of investing in Nasiriyah airport, the economist, Wissam Taher, in an interview with (to the extent), that the province of Dhi Qar, located between five provinces and the central and southern (Basra Maysan Wasit Muthanna Qadisiyah), and the total population of Dhi Qar with The neighboring provinces of 9.1 million people, and there is no airport in all of these provinces, only one in the province of Basra, while most of the inhabitants of these provinces, they can reach Basra only through Dhi Qar, and here is the importance of the existence of its airport and investment.

According to statistics of tourism offices in Basra and Dhi Qar, 60% of passengers from Dhi Qar province travel through Basra airport.

"The joint committee, which included experts in the Air Force leadership recently, pointed to the possibility of dual use of the airport to be built civil airport in the southern section of the Imam Ali air base, and an area of ​​20 thousand square meters, and the capacity of one million passengers annually, "The Commission has confirmed that the establishment of a civilian airport at the base will not affect its military use, even by 1% even in the future, when importing more military aircraft, especially F-16s."

As for the job opportunities expected to be provided by the airport, Tahir believes that "the airport can provide all its security and administrative aspects, nearly two thousand direct jobs, and when the expansion can reach up to 3,000 jobs, and will provide many opportunities indirectly to the sectors to support the transfer And providing services to them, which helps the people of the province to develop their skills and expertise in the field of civil aviation.

The government of Dhi Qar, the local, on Wednesday, the presentation of investment offers to the Vatican, noting that these offers included several important projects for the province, especially in the archaeological areas and the airport of Nasiriyah, indicating that there is a special visit to the Vatican to Dhi Qar.

The Minister of Transport, Kazem Al-Yamami, said that during the opening of Nasiriyah airport, it is possible to conduct future flights to Najaf, Mashhad and Makkah from Nasiriyah airport, revealing the Vatican's approval for the establishment of a tourist hotel to receive Christian pilgrims.