Masoud Guterres: Iraq does not want to clone anyone's experience

30/03/2017 05:07 | Number of readings:

Trend Press / Baghdad

Guterres and ways to strengthen the efforts of the United Nations to support Iraq as well as political and security developments in the region and the world.

A statement issued by the "Trend Press", a copy of it, that infallible "reviewed during the meeting Iraq's victory over terrorism and its plans to continue the war on its cells at home and abroad and the reasons for her birth again, stressing the importance of regional and international agreements in this regard."

He also referred to "the special interest in protecting civilians, returning displaced people, reconstructing liberated areas, community reconciliation, preparing for the upcoming elections, developing state institutions and enhancing understanding at the national and regional level." He also noted Iraq's desire to play its strategic role in bringing stability and prosperity to the region. All its people ".

The president stressed Iraq's keenness on the independence of its national decision, stressing the specificity of its geographical position and the need to promote "friendly relations and constructive cooperation with all its neighbors without exception." He added that Iraq does not want to clone anyone's experience. Another country or interference in one's affairs. "

He also expressed his pleasure and welcome the visit of Guterres to Iraq as one of the first countries to visit since he took office earlier this year. "

Guterres said that his visit to Iraq is to express his solidarity with the Iraqi people who are fighting the war against terrorism on behalf of the world, praising his national unity and his military victories over gangs. He also expressed his confidence that Iraq is bound to play a key role in bringing peace, In the region and the world.