Allaibi Thi oil company officially opened

30/01/2017 03:54 | Hits: 64


Oil Minister opened Jabbar allaibi, Thursday, an oil company official Qar attended by government figures.

He said the first Deputy Governor of Dhi Qar, Adel aldkhili, in a statement to the media library got "direction", "QAR oil company formally opened today, announcing an independent oil company after unlinking of SOC.

"The opening of the company contributes to the support and development of Iraq's oil sector to sustain and promote the economic reality of thi.

The oil Minister stressed that "the opening of the company came the sons of Qar gift in appreciation of ancient history and oil services company managers granted powers in order to develop its oil production.

Oil Minister held an important meeting with the local Government Executive and legislative branches and oil circuits in the province and examined administrative aspects of the company and expanding infrastructure of Qar and oil company work and discuss ways to invest.

The Cabinet, voted on October 15 from 2016 on establishing an oil company Thi, conservative oil fields include fallow as a great Nasiriyah is expected to produce 300, 000 barrels Gharraf field which is involved in oil production 130, 000 barrels a day, as well as the field of Mesopotamia Abu column "estimated to be produced or invested 110 000 bpd as there are plenty of undiscovered oil fields nearby.