United Nations: ready to support Iraq's proposal to criminalize terrorism .. and Jubouri reservations on military intervention

2 hours ago

Twilight News / description of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres on Thursday that his visit to Iraq comes a historic solidarity with the Iraqi people in its war against terrorism.

This came during a meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, according to a statement issued by the Information Office of the latter.

He said Guterres during the meeting that the liberation of Mosul and defeat Daesh will support Iraq's unity and work to develop its institutions in the next stage, stressing that the UN mission in Baghdad is making great efforts to support the unity and stability of Iraq and help the Iraqi government and to provide the required services to the displaced families, expressing his pleasure the return of Iraq to the incubator Arab works to strengthen its relations with various countries of the world, he said, adding:

He added that work and help the Iraqi government in institution-building and provide the required services to the Iraqis, expressing his willingness to support Iraq and the adoption of supporting decisions to him in the United Nations and to end the effects of some of the decisions covered by Iraq because of the former regime and the cooperation and support of the private Iraq's proposal to criminalize terrorist thought and action to prevent its spread.

Secretary-General of the United Nations and said that the United Nations will continue to serve Iraq in post-elimination of terrorist Daesh and reconstruction and to provide assistance in various fields for the displaced families and to contribute to the stability and prosperity of Iraq gangs, stressing that it supports Iraq for leadership positions in the United Nations organizations and civilization began Iraq and that he will win the challenges.

At the level of parallel Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri met with Guterres.

Then al-Jubouri, told a news conference after the meeting, said the United Nations reservation and rejection of any foreign interference or military presence of any state on our land without with the Iraqi government on Coordination and believe that this issue affects Iraqi sovereignty.

He said that Iraq pays Ptjah neutrality and stay away from retrenchment and internal interest Bashúnna solve our problems through national dialogue and understanding and not affected by the problems and intersections that get behind the border

He added that parliament must face all kinds of uncontrolled arms and groups that are trying to be a substitute for the state and its sovereignty and threaten citizens' security and stability.

He continued that the chance of a historic compromise national interests had come and that it is essential that all Iraqis sit on a round table to discuss post-Daesh.

He Jubouri Iraq refuses to be a party to the international and regional conflict and be exploited to implement the agendas of this or that party.