Medium and small basic pillars of the economy projects

3/30/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Imad Emirate
Islamic play banks role in the consolidation of the economy by adopting the style of speculative ownership of most of the areas of commercial, industrial, tourism and service work, whether it is a trader with this style individuals or companies and Aihdh only potential bank can Islamic Bank, according to its capabilities, provide aid to investors, especially those who are successful in project management and Echtzlon period of time to acquire these projects in the productive sectors, so that increases the bank of dealing with the best speculators and excluded from the ratio of low profits.

The speculation is a contract between two people, offering one whereby money to the other for trading the share of the profit, it has not had there won The money to its owner, though it menial it is money, and not on who trafficked in the money a bit of menial, called the financier Almgard is called the second party speculator.

Economic Academy d. Jabr single vocalist, explained that the speculative formula in Islamic banks have the flexibility to engage in types of sectors to set up production, commercial and service projects at the level of long, medium and short deadlines.

She added vocalist in an interview with the "morning" that this formula gives the Islamic Bank role to promote the requirements of development performance in the Islamic economies of developing countries, stressing that promotes and helps to make it under (Islamic banking experience) is the supervisory and oversight role exercised by the these banks committees.
She drew vocalist to the supervision of investment projects and follow - up performance and accountability at the default and the possibility of development to achieve greater successes in the future.

She continued, that the speculative formula is consistent with the problem of developing economies , the supply side due to poor flexibility of this device so as to ensure production on the one hand and on the other hand, the profit motive makes it imperative to study the demand side of the production of the project by the Islamic bank guarantee provided so as to ensure the achievement of profits to achieve the developmental role of the Islamic Bank .

She stressed Dr. vocalist, the importance of following speculation in the financing of small and medium - sized enterprises formula, and those of the importance of projects, accounting for enterprises (SMEs) , the backbone of the economies of developed and developing countries alike, and that concrete dimension represented by these projects in the structure of building global economies , they make up 75 percent of the total advanced industries make up 85 percent of the total projects in the Arab world, and that these projects represent a lifeline out of the economic crisis for its ability to develop the economy and modernize the industry and the face of unemployment and the preparation of sitting Labor and activating women 's participation and create a spirit of solidarity and competition between the projects and the development of the standard of living for individuals and narrowing the gap between savings and investment and expand the ownership base of the private sector and increasing exports and the replacement of imports, which reflected positively on the balance of payments and contribute to the exchange stability and are reluctant to higher prices.

The vocalist, according to World Bank estimates, the average small and medium enterprises up to 46 percent of GDP and accounts for about 80 percent of the global volume of projects, and contribute 35 percent of the handicraft industries in the world, accounting for 65 percent of gross domestic product in Europe , compared to 45 percent in the United States, and is a project counting 95 percent of the total number of economic facilities in Japan and operates 72 percent of the gain of the total employed in the labor market, and achieved 43 per cent of the total sector sales and achieve about half of corporate profits in general.

Concluded vocalist, in the Arab world is gaining small and medium enterprises importance of considerations relating to the characteristics of the economic and social structures and proportions of the availability of production and the spatial distribution and activity factors group, in Yemen , contribute to small and medium - sized enterprises by about 96 percent of gross domestic product and about 77 percent, 59 percent and 25 percent in Algeria , Palestine and Saudi Arabia , respectively, and represent these projects in Jordan , 92 percent of the total projects and contribute to 28 percent of GDP and about 75 percent of the private sector employment in Egypt, and these projects represent 86 percent of the total number of Industrial projects in the UAE and 76 percent in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and constitute 83 percent of the number of industrial establishments in the GCC.