Abadi calls on the Arab summit to eliminate discrimination and hate speech and orientation towards stability {expanded}
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Abadi calls on the Arab summit to eliminate discrimination and hate speech and orientation towards stability {expanded}
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the Arab summit to eliminate speech discrimination and hatred and that the speech and the media supportive of the unity of the Arab peoples and not differentiated orientation towards stability, and called for a unified Arab stance towards overtaking on the sovereignty of Iraq and the provision of job opportunities barricaded young people from extremism.

According to al - Abadi in his conference held in the Arab summit in Amman , Jordan , "we meet in Amman today on the blessing of God Almighty .. The importance of this conference of the seriousness and sensitivity of the current circumstances facing our countries and the challenges of terrorist existential that require us to cooperate and agree on clear mechanisms to confront and stop the serious repercussions on the future and the unity of our countries, security , political and economic stability and community coexistence in our region. "
He added , "our people are looking to us today, and we all have to take responsibility and take the necessary decisions to end the suffering of our people living in the shadow of conflicts, wars, displacement, poverty and hunger, and affirm what we have said that terrorism does not exclude any country and must therefore cooperate and make every effort to maintain the unity of our countries and peoples of dislocation and loss, and to prevent outside interference in its internal affairs. "
He continued Abadi , "We consider that security and one case is indivisible and can not live any safe country alone, and happiness in liberating our land and the expulsion of Daesh is not complete , but the defeat of terrorism in each Arab country is facing this danger."
He said the "Arab League that brings us Bmwathigaha upon which such work on the principle of the preservation and maintenance of our independence and non - interference in their affairs as well as the quest for closer cooperation between our countries in the political, economic and social fields."
The Abadi , "We must stand up here when the importance of strengthening the Arab League , the status of the Arab citizen , who is looking forward to serious decisions take into effect and confirms the credibility of the joint Arab action, and help in the output of the Arab citizen from the frustration that its crisis, we must strengthen the trust between the citizen and the Foundation University Arab and be the level of their ambitions and aspirations. "
He argued : "We call for the trend towards stability as a strategic goal and end differences and side disputes and thinking about millions of innocent citizens , displaced persons and migrants and displaced persons from various Arab countries who are dying by drowning across the oceans as they flee the hell of internal fighting, and focus on what serves our present and paints a bright future for our peoples and allows them to to live in peace and love in their homelands and opens them the doors of hope for a better tomorrow. "
He noted Abadi , that " the wealth of our nation should be directed to the construction and reconstruction and the use of advanced technology and work to build a wide network of economic and trade relations and to raise living standards and improve the health, education and environmental services and to eradicate poverty, hunger and underdevelopment."
He pointed out that " the youth represent the most important wealth in human resources productive and active in our Arab societies, and must attention their problems and work hard to launch effective Arab projects to develop their abilities and take advantage of their potential in all areas, and to provide job opportunities to prevent and barricaded young people from being drawn into extremism of all kinds. "
He stressed Abadi said that " the position of Iraq , which is an institution state of the Arab League clearly towards constants and major issues, particularly the Palestinian issue , and we see that terrorism and extremism and preoccupation with internal conflicts led to things a character on the right track and dispelling the efforts and sacrifices and transfer priorities to minor issues."
He called for " a unified Arab position toward any overrun on the national sovereignty of Iraq or any Arab country, and not to allow it and consider it a red line in our relations with our countries, and our relations with all countries are based on trust, non - interference and respect for sovereignty, cooperation and mutual interests."

Ebadi said that "Iraq is a unified state more than ever , and not the unity and cohesion of what we were able to release our lands and to inflict the biggest defeat gang Daesh criminal, and our army is welcome and Atimn for coming all the sons of our people in all the provinces and make fighters those who care about their lives to save civilians from Daesh, and Iraq it was torn and a third of its land area under the control of Daesh, has won liberation, has been fulfilled for our people , including our pledge in full its towns and liberation of its territory from Daesh. "
He noted that "all Iraqis are involved in achieving these victories, and from different religions and nationalities and communities stand together in the battle to defend their homeland and have the defense to support the religious authorities and religious scholars from all sects.
Among Abadi said , " Daesh carried out a major deception while claiming falsely falsely defense for the Sunnis, but in fact Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Yazidis, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen, and their crimes killed included all the Iraqi spectrum and the destruction of relics, mosques and churches. "
He explained that" Daesh gangs are a subversive project to dismantle our countries and our societies first, to increase the culture of hatred for Arabs and Muslims In the rest of the world, we must pay attention to this scheme , which is being implemented its chapters on the ground, and address him with full force. "
He pointed Abadi , that" Iraq for all Iraqis without discrimination and we are a state that respects religious, national, religious and intellectual diversity, and we have constitutional institutions that protect this diversity and defend for the rights of all Iraqis in accordance with the principle of justice and equality in rights and duties.
He stressed , "We have paid a heavy price because of hate speech and sectarian incitement and Mantlbh of the Arab brothers to help us in the elimination of discrimination and hate speech , and the speech and media supportive of the unity of our peoples and not differentiated and instigator of murder and destruction."
And "we are facing terrorism targeting civilians with car bombs and suicide bombers, and organized crime syndicates that violate the law, and we face financial and administrative corruption, and Anfrq between terrorism, corruption and organized crime Fbedhma complements the other, and all this is an enemy and a common challenge." https://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=140622