Commission (ful Baghdad) looking to refer the implementation of development projects in Baghdad mechanism, including 20 public square
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Last Updated 29/03/2017
- 13:16
Committee considered (ful Baghdad) on Tuesday, hauling the development of 20 of Baghdad's public squares project already approved the final designs of world-class, in preparation for the direct implementation mechanism
It comes the direct development of these squares in the light of an initiative by 26 Iraqi banks waged a donation of 8 billion Iraqi dinars to cover this vital project which aims to improve and develop the public squares of Baghdad within a broader project called the name of the expenses (ful Baghdad).

Attended the committee meeting (ful Baghdad), headed by the artist UNESCO Peace Naseer Shamma, representatives of the Prime Minister's Office and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Secretariat of Baghdad, the Central Bank of Iraq and Baghdad Operations Command and the Ministry of Culture and the Association of Iraqi private banks
The Committee seeks (ful Baghdad), which was formed by a decision of the Council of Ministers to re-aesthetic and glasses to the Iraqi capital milestones through the implementation of social and urban development projects funded by the Iraqi private sector in coordination with various institutions and ministries of state