Jordan Summit economy


Oman / Hazem ovaries

Economists agree on the importance of economic issues at each of the Arab summit, in the hope of strengthening economic cooperation, increased integration and the establishment of joint industrial projects that generate employment and achieve Arab economic development, and contribute to the improvement of the Arab trade balance with the rest of the gatherings

And increase joint inter-Arab trade volume, and the achievement of Arab economic and social development, especially since all countries in the region suffer from economic problems.

What makes it imperative to make efforts to overcome the obstacles, especially those relating to the closure of the land border. As an example, Jordan and Iraq link close economic ties, largely influenced by the repeated closure of the border, not only to these two countries, but the countries of the region, which requires joint efforts at all levels, to resolve this issue and any closures in the land boundary between the states Arabic.

It is true that the summit will focus on political and security files, but it is important that the economy has an exceptional interest, because the current economic conditions is pressing too much on the Arab citizen, and that to reduce the cycle of destructive violence, we need investments of Arab economic integration, because it can not achieve economic development in a non-security conditions stable, and if the preparatory meetings for the summit recommended Arabizing Syrian asylum crisis, through the development of an integrated action plan to help neighboring Syria Arab countries and other Arab countries hosting refugees, in accordance with the principle of burden-sharing, it means that Jordan scored his first goal of the S Tdavch Arab summit, and within the solution to the current crisis that Oman Atadha a local Jordanian problem Only.

It believes that the repudiation of the bear and deal with it as a crisis concerning Syria and its environs is unjustified, especially from countries that have the interests of either the survival of the Syrian regime or been removed.

Preliminary and preparatory meetings for the summit approved a proposal for a Jordanian, was discussed certainly with Lebanon and the Gulf states need to develop appropriate interdependence between states a mechanism to bear the burden of asylum, as the presence of Syrian refugees on the territory of the host countries temporarily, and work to create the conditions and atmosphere that ensure their return to their country as soon as possible, through collective action re-qualify them to contribute to the rebuilding of their country, and overcome the difficulties and obstacles left by years of war.

Thus, Oman be completed from the first file Aargaha physically and Khaddmaa, and in terms of guarantee of the return of refugees to their country.

After, it is fair to point out that there are achievements on the joint Arab economic action level, but the road is still long, so that the Greater Arab Free Trade Area continue to face restrictions and non-tariff, is the technical constraints, high commercial transportation costs, and the length of time it takes to trade, despite the passage of more than 19 years to work starting this

It therefore seems important that the summit will consider the adoption of new economic and modern strategic initiatives that will move the economic integration of the Arab from the case of stalling, to the path that keep pace with the aspirations of progress, construction and prosperity, the ambitions of no doubt that the human potential Arab able to achieve, if you provide them with a minimum of appropriate conditions So.