Baghdad launches an important phase of the optical cable project

2017/03/28 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 726 - Number (3887)


Iraq is suffering from the deterioration of terrestrial communications networks and underdevelopment, which led to the reluctance of citizens to use, especially after 2003 with the spread of mobile phones and enjoy the flexibility and evolution compared to landline, but landline phone service has been required with the complaint, up mobile phone service prices. The Ministry of Communications revealed on Monday, close to return to landline phone service, announced at a ceremony held in Baghdad, announced the opening of an important new phase in the optical cable project to develop ground telephone services, declaring that this project, as well as offer sophisticated communication services, will be his financial returns estimated at one billion dollars by the end of next year.

Minister of Communications Hassan Kazem Al-Rashed confirmed in his opening speech that the optical cable project FTTH serves both the state and the Iraqi citizen in all respects. It also has two beneficial aspects, economic and security. It is part of a group of projects being implemented in all Iraqi provinces, Including Baghdad, Basra, Karbala, Najaf, Wasit, Kirkuk, Diwaniyah, Maysan and Dhi Qar, and others were stopped in the areas that were exposed to terrorism, noting that the first project was opened in the Karkh area of ​​Baghdad on 6/3 with 90 thousand lines, of which 50 thousand lines, other regions, will be worked out through a Japanese loan, and up to more than 90 000 I in the Karkh district.

Al-Rashed also confirmed: the opening of the Rusafa project today, with companies working with the Ministry of Communications, and we have in Rusafa 189 000 line, ready including 5000 line, this project offers three main services is very high speed, the first landline voice and video service, and it will be almost free, The citizen can get the Internet service and all the applications that are in it well through the capacities granted by optical cable, and the second TV service "IPTV" noting that there are about 99 channels, including "encrypted", and this can also benefit the citizen free, The third is the postal service bank.

In the context of his speech, assured the Minister of Communications, towers for Internet networks and mobile phone owners, the possibility of their use in this service through cooperation with mobile phone companies and Internet companies, reiterating that the work of the cable light, will not affect their work, the ministry that the recommended and emphasized the companies, the need to take advantage of the owners of the towers, to the success of the optical cable project, which may reach financial returns planned it to the state treasury to one billion dollars by the end of 2018, and the project was completed through a partnership with the Ministry of communications without the state pays any amount, a project based on 26% of net profit and 17% of Camel imports.

In his speech, the Director General of the General Company for Communications and Post, Nazem Lefth Khashjouri, stressed that this project will ensure the provision of a lot of services at a very low cost, which is one of the important projects implemented by the General Company for Communications and Post with the Ministry of Communications, according to a new strategy, To modernize the communications sector with modern technologies, noting that, the project, which took its way to the homes of citizens, and we are still going to cover all areas of Baghdad, which we expect to see a large turnout of citizens, pointing at the same time: that his company will take legal action Yeh all, to maintain the telephone network of the acts of sabotage that can occur against it.

IQ Networks, said in a statement that the company carried out the optical cable project, known as "FTTH" as a strategic partner of the General Company for Communications and Post, a simple initiative, which aims to provide a lot of Internet services and optical telephone and other services, and added: the project in the student areas and banks, in Rusafa in the capital Baghdad, according to the planned, the service will be delivered to many subscribers during the current year, and with respect to other provinces, Karbala, Diwaniya, Diyala, Kirkuk, Babil, has embarked by providing them with subscribers to internet services, and look forward as well as vinegar For this year, to reach the largest possible number of customers, especially since this service is one of the globally applicable technologies, and features high data transfer speeds and are not affected by external factors such as bad weather.

The Iraqi Ministry of Communications, announced in 01/17/2017, announced the launch of optical cable service in the east of the capital Baghdad areas, to deliver communications services and advanced Internet to citizens' houses at affordable prices, and as pointed out that, a monthly subscription service online prices range from 30 to 75 thousand dinars, it seeks cooperation with the owners of the internet towers in securing multi-project services confirmed.