The industry grants 94 licenses to establish new industrial projects during the month of February

28/03/2017 08:57 | Number of readings: 339

Trend Press / Baghdad

The General Directorate for Industrial Development, one of the departments affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, granted 94 licenses for the establishment of new industrial projects during the month of February

The ministry's official spokesman, Abdul Wahid Alwan Al-Shammari, said in a statement that "Al-Tawhaf Press" obtained a copy of it that the establishment licenses were distributed to various industrial sectors (food, construction, chemical, metallurgical and textile). Baghdad governorate ranked first with 19 licenses, Of which to establish food projects followed by the province of Karbala, which ranked second with the number of vacations granted.

Al-Shammari pointed to the allocation of 52 plots of land for the establishment of industrial projects. Karbala governorate had the largest share of the land distribution with 12, followed by Anbar province with 8 plots. Meanwhile, Licensed by the Directorate.

"The Directorate also issued 8 certificates to complete the establishment of an industrial street that meets the required conditions and issued (231) book appreciation needs, while sending (785) support letters to a number of official bodies to cooperate with the Directorate and renew the identity of (318) industrial projects and legal procedures and transfer of ownership (107) and the effect of two vacations.