An officer at the Ministry of Defense: extortion and payments in hard currency to mafias linked to political parties to keep the officers and soldiers from the battlefield (details)

28-03-2017 01:34 PM Readers Number: 613

East News -

Officials at the Ministry of Defense, revealed a large extortion carried out by 'mafias' linked to influential political parties, including receiving large sums of money and hard currency, for the transfer of officers and soldiers from the demarcation lines in the battles with the organization of services (Daesh) north of the country and the west, to areas stable, as well as the upgrading of transactions or placement in important departments, in order to benefit from commissions and bribes imposed there to meet pass some work for citizens, inspection main barriers at the entrances to cities, customs and other points.

An officer at the Ministry of Defense in a press statement, that "at least 200 officers and member were transferred from the lines and areas of clashes and battles with al Daesh to other areas of stable exchange for money up to about 30 thousand dollars. It has been transferred dozens this year in the same way, but to the departments and centers of mission, Kalmnavz border points, checkpoints, customs and other departments in contact with the citizens, in return for amounts of up to 150 thousand dollars, allow an officer or soldier to benefit financially from his presence there through bribes and commissions which imposes on citizens or merchants to meet facilitate their transactions. '

The officer explained that the 'networks or groups within the Ministry of Defense is involved in this process, including senior linked to political parties and prominent figures in the parliament and backed by them officers'.

He added that 'there are officers paid money to politicians and parliamentarians to meet their survival and not to retire, by brokering them with the officials in the ministry or the Council of Ministers , despite being passed over the legal age in the case of financial benefit from their survival.'

He pointed to the officer, that 'these mafias also control appointments and admission to the military college, in order to force recruited students admitted to the college to pay the money', stressing the links between these groups of influential political parties have a political Odhiraa in the government and parliament.