Iraqi national reconciliation tops to meet the Jordanian and Moroccan Pardo palace
Political Since 24.03.2017
at 12:27 (Baghdad time)

Issued Iraqi national reconciliation file and other crises in the region monarchs talks, Jordan's Abdullah II and Morocco's Mohammed VI, the Moroccan capital, Rabat.
He stressed the importance of the Arab summit will lead to the elaboration of a common Arab vision to address the crisis and deal with the challenges facing the region.
The talks focused on enhancing relations between Jordan and Morocco, and the situation in the Middle East.
Talks also focused on ways to expand the horizons of cooperation between the two countries, building on the results of the meetings of the Joint Jordanian-Moroccan Higher Committee, which was held in Rabat last year, contributing to building a strategic partnership between them.
It was also stressed to continue coordination and consultation on various challenges, and addressed the key issues to be discussed by the Arab summit, particularly the peace process and Jerusalem, the Iraqi national reconciliation, and the latest developments in Syria, Libya, and efforts to fight terrorism.
The talks dealt with the international and regional efforts to re-launch serious and effective negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis based on the two-state solution.
With regard to Jerusalem, he emphasized the importance of preserving the historical and existing legal situation in the city, warning that any attempts to undermine it will have repercussions on the security and stability in the Middle East.
Also, the two leaders discussed developments in the Syrian crisis and the latest developments in Iraq and Ibia.anthy 29 / N 10