Calls for a policy to prevent industrial fraud

27/3/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Hussein Thugb
Industrial fraud is one of the pests that destroy the national economy, which causes the waste of financial allocations without achieving the desired benefit, and works to disrupt the economic cycle within the country.

Deputy Chairman of the Baghdad Economic Forum Bassem Antoine stressed the need to adopt industrial mechanisms of the Court does not allow the existence of industrial fraud and this requires the cooperation between the private sector and the relevant agencies to undermine this problem, where you can discover the places that imitate the brands and materials manufactured by the fundamental private sector Which must be balanced by the activity of the concerned parties.

Apply a strategy

Antoine called for the adoption of a sound industrial industrial policy coinciding with the implementation of the industrial strategy and activating the role of regulatory bodies and civil society organizations and the Society of Market Monitoring and Consumer Protection and give them the necessary support.

He stressed that the qualitative deterioration of the goods on the market and the policy of dumping at home, may not be less harmful to the economic terrorism of money laundering and the transformation of terrorism through the delivery of bad goods.

Negative effects

He pointed out that unemployment, poverty, poor distribution of income and services, and lack of guarantee for the Iraqi citizen, especially the private sector, play a role in the spread of industrial fraud, which carries significant negative effects on the economy, which offers goods that are not commensurate with their age.

He pointed out that industrial fraud took wide dimensions in Iraq after the imposition of the economic blockade because of the policies of the wise that cause the collapse of the Iraqi industry and led to a significant deterioration of the reality of the Iraqi market, and the multiplicity of methods of random imports and irregular opening on foreign markets received to the Iraqi market poor goods broke down The Iraqi economy and citizen pockets.

Unlawful competition

The world's major economies have suffered from the effects of industrial fraud, including the United States and Europe, where they have branded brands and created illegal competition contrary to WTO regulations.

Industrial fraud

The manufacture of the materials of the brands accepted in the market, but does not meet the specifications of the quality known to the original materials, and accompanied the adulterated weight and low in size, and takes different forms and aims to achieve large profits at the expense of the need of the beneficiary of different whether a citizen or institution .

Development process

Antoine said: We in Iraq desperately need to study this problem seriously because it trek the path of the national economy and threaten the development process sought by the country, which requires diagnosis of industrial fraud in all cities and eradicate them to undermine their effects as they were.

He urged the importation process to be tightened to ensure the rights of all parties involved in these activities from the importer to the consumer by moving away from the meager markets spread in more than one place around the world.

He stressed not to allow the spread of artisanal factories indiscriminately in hidden areas and between houses and garages because of the negative effects on economic reality in general.

According to informed sources, there are small laboratories in Baghdad and the provinces working on the manufacture of different materials and confirmed by various international brands, especially in the manufacture of motor oils and thus have practiced industrial fraud and harmed the beneficiary and the national economy where the circle of negative effects will expand, leading to higher expenses.