MP denies Abadi discussed arms deal in the US
March 26 2017
01:02 PM
MP Jassem Jaafar said that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had not discussed arms deals with the U.S side during his recent visit to Washington, The Baghdad Post reported.

"The security forces currently have very good armament, with the exception of the air force, which is still receiving new U.S., Korean and Czech fighter planes the parliamentarian for the State of Law Alliance said.

He added that Abadi had focused during the visit on the U.S. military training of the security forces after the liberation of Mosul re-activating the previous agreements between both countries and providing support in the reconstruction of liberated area

Abadi arrived in Baghdad earlier on Thursday after a several days' visit to the U.S. where he held talks with President Donald Trump and other senior U.S., European and Arab officials.