Foreign loans


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Yasser mutawalli

It raises the number reached by the foreign debt owed by Iraq sensation among many economic circles and interpretations and visions and legitimate concerns and warns of risks to future generations.

There is a split in the visions of experts about foreign loans While the team goes with it and acknowledges Bjta because of what Iraq is going through the difficult financial conditions and under the circumstances of the face of fierce aggression (Daesh) obnoxious with diminishing financial resources of the country due to the decline in oil prices.

The adherents of this view believe that there is no way to resolve without external lending to resolve problems Ania without considering what this debt successor.

In contrast, there are visions of a different stand deduced from the idea of ​​the first team to foreign loans are looking for a solid impact on the future of the country's economy and its generations, which needs to activate performance in the search for alternatives to meet the challenges.

The owners of this team warns of the repercussions of loans on Iraq because of the expectations of not the ability to perform its obligations to pay off the accumulated debt of his trust and benefits.

Although the two teams actually depend on the analysis and recognition of the advantages and disadvantages according to external lending, allowing analysts to build and build on any more precise visions of the two teams and believe.

Here is required of politicians and economists pay attention to the seriousness of the situation and unite visions and attitudes to take very seriously the dimensions of the dangers of this expectation.

And the fact that we say that the agencies concerned should consider the gravity of the situation and that the Atnsaq always behind the international institution conditions, especially if it touched the terms of compliance with the reform as conditions in exchange for loans regardless of the price because Iraq is more precious than independence and any price.

We live in a country that is one of the ten richest countries in the world must be aware that the need has become urgent to strategic plans contribute to the recovery of the national economy through the large amount of natural and human resources that create a capital effective cycle within the country enhance external resources investment and thus can contribute to the creation of effective economic bloc, regionally and internationally.

Here you can combine public and private sector efforts to intensify efforts to develop the economic reality and the dimensions of the specter of Iraq's external debt.