The start of the Arab League Council at the level of delegates in preparation for the summit of Oman
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work of the Arab League Council meeting kicked off at the level of permanent delegates on Saturday at the Dead Sea, to prepare for a meeting of Arab foreign ministers preparatory scheduled on next Monday , the Arab summit at its 28th which will be held next Wednesday in the Jordanian capital Amman
The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Jordan 's Ambassador to Egypt 's Permanent Representative to the Arab League Ambassador Ali Al - Ayed, who took over the meeting of his Mauritanian counterpart Sidi Ould Dadi and prestige.
The agenda of the meeting's agenda, 30 items dealing with various political economic and social issues in the Arab world
As the permanent delegates adopted the agenda of the Arab foreign ministers and discuss draft resolutions for the items included on the draft Arab summit agenda at its 28th and held on the sidelines of the meeting , a meeting of the follow - up to the implementation of decisions and commitments at the level of permanent delegates include this body Troika summit Mauritania, Egypt, Jordan and the Troika Council Arab League Tunisia, Algeria and Djibouti.