A joint cooperation between the judiciary and the Association of Banks in spreading banking culture


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Based on the visit of a delegation from the Association of Banks led by President of the Association and members of the administrative body to the President of the Supreme Judicial Council super Zidane and agree on many of the themes to support the banking sector, including the organization of workshops and training for judges specialists for the purpose of education and awareness of banking and financial issues.

Iraqi private banks association organized Thursday a workshop with the participation of twenty Iraqi judge specialized commercial claims and money laundering.

The workshop, attended by representatives from the Association on the concept of commercial fraud and the causes of its spread in Iraq during the past years and how to put an end to it and address its causes and to hold accountable those who do according to the law.

And accept Dr. Haseeb Kazem Javed Mayah during the workshop legislative environment necessary to deal with this phenomenon and ways to reduce them, noting the proposed treatments in this area.

It took place during the workshop discussions and interventions involving judges and officials of the association focused on ways to spread community awareness of the dangers of commercial fraud and find a legislative base enough to put an end to this phenomenon, which is now threatening the lives of citizens sometimes.

This is like the Association of private banks in the workshop, which comes in light of an effort organized by the Association to build bridges of cooperation with the specialized judicial institutions, both the Executive Director Tariq Ali vacationer and banking consultant Samir Nasiri and Director of Administration and Training Ahmed Al Hashemi,