Demonstrations in Baghdad and al-Sadr threatens to boycott the elections [expanded]
[Oan- Baghdad]
demonstrated today thousands of Iraqis in downtown Baghdad at the invitation of the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr to demand reform and change the electoral law.
The protesters , who came from Baghdad and other provinces in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, carrying Iraqi flags and chanting slogans against corruption and the corrupt.
The security services and imposed a night before the demonstration of tight security measures which cut off many roads leading to Tahrir Square , also cut off bridges linking Tahrir Square in the Green Zone , which includes government headquarters in order to prevent attempts to storm.
Sadr called in a speech to the demonstrators to amend the election law and change the members of the Electoral Commission and independent others threatened in the event of failure to do so next to boycott the elections.
Sadr stressed the need to continue demonstrations against what he described as Bamufsudain that these demonstrations remain peaceful to another stage.
Sadr demanded the support of the Iraqi army and its support in the war waged to liberate the city of Mosul , stressing the need for the army takes the same city administration after its liberation, not foreign forces.
Sadr said his followers "constantly reform revolution without every command you not bored and that they succeeded my assassination to maintain peaceful demonstrations, peaceful and to the end," stressing that "will not be satisfied with her conversion to the other."
The demonstration today comes within a series of demonstrations called by al- Sadr to amend the electoral law and change the members of the Commission months before the planned local elections at the end of this year and legislative scheduled for the first half of next year.
The parliament formed a committee to select new members for the management of the Electoral Commission but none of them has not chosen yet.