Kurds say that al-Maliki "froze" the constitutionality of a paragraph to itself to form an army Mleonia
25/05/2012 11:10

Erbil, May 25 / May (Rn) - The Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "froze" the constitutionality of a paragraph relating to the service of science to form an army for himself Mleonia.

Iraqi Armed Forces Under the Iraqi constitution that was ratified in 2005 in its second paragraph of Article IX on the organization of compulsory service of science, but must be regulated by law.
The Presidency of the Kurdistan region in a statement that the Iraqi prime minister, "violated the special legislation of another paragraph of military service ... but it seems that if a law is enacted in this way, Mr Maliki can not then be the same for the army Mleonia as he pleases."
He has said on several occasions that the powers of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces absolute as stipulated in the Constitution and the student who Antkaddoh change the Constitution. https://translate.google.com/translat...news/4/308877/