Document .. Financial Announces high customs revenues to more than 100 billion dinars

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

General Administration of Customs of the Ministry of Finance, announced Thursday, rising fiscal revenue for the month of February to more than 100 billion dinars.

The authority said in a statement that "the economy News" received a copy of the "total body for the month of February, revenues in 2017 rose by 101 billion and 838 million dinars, compared with the same month last year, 2016, which amounted to revenue which 44 billion and 538 million dinars."

Commission added that "the increase in total revenue for the month amounted to 57 billion and 300 million dinars."

The Directorate of border crossings in the Interior Ministry announced that, in (1 December 2016), that the value of financial revenues during the ten months of this year amounted to more than 161 billion dinars, in addition to more than $ 22 million.