Rafidain Bank announces the inclusion of owners of shops and industrial loans


Economy News / Baghdad ...

Rafidain Bank stressed that the financial facilities developed by the bank, amounting to 25 million dinars in addition to give him 15 million dinars include the owners of industrial shops that are meant to him to develop his work.

Press office of the bank said in a statement received "Economy News", its branches have seen a large turnout for the owners of small and medium enterprises to apply for financial facilities of the citizens for the purpose of developing their work and activation of the national product of local industry and supporting the national economy.

He explained that the bank set specific conditions for the granting of financial facilities, including that the applicant has to get the facilities identity of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and open an account in the nearest branch of the bank in its zone of pointing out that the bank select a maximum of the project, which is intended developed after he offers the owner the amount of 25 million dinars his vision for the project and to guarantee the mortgage and the property is divided, according to the powers of the branch manager and the extent of his conviction efficiently fiscal citizen.

He added that the bank announced a grant of 15 million dinars, also financial as facilities for the owner of the project while ensuring that the sponsor has banking facilities and to be a financial appreciation commensurate with the financial estimate for student facilities calling for those who wish to get these facilities review the branches of the bank for the purpose of filling customized form for this purpose.