US lawmakers: Iraq's stability depends on decentralization and disbanding of allies allied with Iran

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A group of US senators from both parties urged US President Donald Trump, after meeting with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to continue providing support to Iraq beyond the crackdown on a militant organization.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker and Democratic Sen. Ben Kardan sent a message on Monday asking President Trump to continue working with Iraq's leaders to keep their country united and secure its stability.

"We are writing to you and we are interested in seeing the government and the people of Iraq take advantage of the imminent defeat in the battlefield," the text of the letter said, pointing out that "the efforts of the campaign to bring out an organization calling for Iraq have worked to unify the Iraqi people on a common issue. This unification towards the reconstruction of the country. "

Many are now wondering what will happen to Iraq and its government if a militant group is expelled from the country at a time when Iraqi forces are waging a war in Mosul to expel the organization from its last stronghold in nearly three years in a campaign launched by the Iraqi government since last October.

"An independent Iraq requires a plan to decentralize some of the government's axes, dissolve allied militia forces with Iran, meet the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people and pledge to implement the reconciliation program.

"We need to prepare for the support of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as he moves forward with a plan to reassure all Iraqis by involving them in a unified federal Iraq," the senators told Trump. "For the sake of securing this, we must be ready to help Iraq with a program of decentralization, reconciliation and security sector reform." The senators asked Trump to "lead the task of providing greater public support for our strategic goals in Iraq as well as continuing to support the Iraqi security forces to become partners with US forces in the fight against terrorism."

In addition, the senators called for an urgent response to the humanitarian crisis in Iraq by pledging a great deal of activity and resources to ensure the stability and safety of the liberated areas and to help the displaced communities in Iraq to help them return to their homes.

In their letter, US lawmakers said the organization of Da'id or other extremist groups could return to Iraq if displaced and displaced people were not assisted.

Another 14 members of parliament signed the letter, including Senator John Reid, a Republican senator, Republican senator Marco Rubio, Democratic senator Jane Shaheen, Democratic senator Chris Murphy, Enable.

* Newspaper: The Hill