Planning: cashing trillion and {365} billion dinars to contractors soon.

22/05/2017 03:18 | Hits: 56


The planning Minister Salman jumaili of the total dues of contractors audited by the Office of financial supervision amounted to one trillion and {365} billion Iraqi dinars until the 16th of March being the result of check {1855} treatment were identical.

Jumaili said in a press release got "" direction ", according to a copy of the total receivables definitively about {4} trillions and {738} billion dinars," Noting that "such receivables reached after coordination with ministries and other non-related ministries and provinces through a series of workshops held by the Ministry of planning with the participation of the Ministry of finance and the Office of financial supervision during which discuss and showcase the challenges and problems facing those receivables Exchange process.

Jumaili was drawn to "the number of transactions submitted to the Office of financial supervision until the middle of March totalled {7} thousand f {23}", adding that "the Ministry asked all concerned statement of its views on the observations raised about these transactions in order to reach the final audit results and then disbursed to eligible contractors."

And download the relevant authorities ' responsibility for delays in the case not to answer those important notes.

The Minister of planning to "match transactions to total transactions submitted approximately {26.41%} provincial had the largest share of total transactions provided the more than 1400 treatment with the share of ministries and bodies not linked to Ministry {453} treatment only to provincial benefits on according to the sum of the transactions made and which will be disbursed to eligible contractors about {614} billion dinars, ministerial dues amounted to {750} and {288} million dinars, up to 16 March 2017.