Iraq and Jordan are discussing the open port post and establish trade boards

22/05/2017 02:51 | Hits: 70


The planning Minister/Secretary of Commerce Agency, Salman Al-jumaili at his Office with the Jordanian trade and Industry Minister Entourage displays a number of issues of common interest and ways to develop bilateral relations in economic, trade and investment promotion between the two countries.

According to a statement issued by the media Office at the Commerce Department got "" trend "during the meeting, both sides stressed the need to increase the volume of trade between Iraq and Jordan by working on rehabilitation of border ports including border and tariel port secure entry of trucks carrying commodities and goods needed by the market."

The two Ministers stressed that "rehabilitation and development of the open border port will be reflected positively on the economic situation in Iraq generally and Anbar regions in particular through labour and revitalise the economy.

The statement said the two Ministers also discussed the possibility of establishing regions and forums for the exchange of trade between the two countries to facilitate the transfer of goods and fast access.

Jumaili was confirmed during the meeting "Iraq sought to open prospects for cooperation and openness towards strengthening relations with regional surroundings for its effect on the reconstruction process of the liberated areas which need Arab and regional support to enable Iraq's stability and reconstruction of these areas and to facilitate the return of displaced persons."

He pointed out that "the relationship with Jordan carrying many strengths because of the common factors between the two countries."

Entourage for the Jordanian Minister Secretary General of the Jordanian trade and industry Ministry and acting Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad with Iraqi side attended the meeting Ambassador of Iraq in Jordan Safia Suhail and Undersecretary of trade Walid sweet and a number of Directors in ministries of planning and trade.