Tillerson: the killing of al-Baghdadi, a matter of time and the fight against Daesh start from mosques

30 minutes ago

Twilight News / told US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, on Wednesday, March 22 / March, said that the killing of the leader Daesh, Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi , has become " a matter of time , " stressing the willingness to intensify efforts to combat this organization.

He added Tillerson at the opening of the International Conference of the Member States in the international coalition against Daesh and led by the United States, the first priority of the United States and stressed "ready to intensify efforts against Daesh who waged a gruesome attacks in Europe and Turkey were planned in tenderness."

He stressed that the killing of al - Baghdadi , "is not only a matter of time," he continued , "we will give two billion dollars to the areas recovered from Daesh in Syria and Iraq , and we are working to meet the organization 's ideology and put Daesh plan that includes social networking sites."

He said the fight against extremism Daesh starts from mosques.