Rivers announce the granting of 75 million dinars for those wishing to purchase apartments Basmajh


Economy News / Baghdad ...

Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday for the granting of financial loans of up to 75 million dinars for employees and citizens who want to buy apartments from Basmajh residential project in the capital, Baghdad.

Press office of the bank said in a statement received "Economy News" that the bank set new conditions for the granting of loans was reduced interest rate of up to 4% per year, calling on citizens and employees who wish to obtain the loan review its branches covered by grants, namely, (Mustansir - caliphs - Secretary - Security - Paradise - Az-Zahraa - pratha - White Palace - the Arab neighborhood - Amil district).

Select the bank controls and grants as follows:

1. The establishment of branches in charge of managers receipt schedules registered the names of the residential project Basmajh of information and communication technology department after paying the amount of the first installment amounting to 10% of the residential unit value and then be granted a loan (80%) of residential unit value if the area ( 100 m 2) and (75%) if the area (120%) and (70%) if the area (140 m2) that no more than 75 million dinars (seventy five million dinars).

2. That it is not a residential loan borrowers from our bank or Rasheed Bank or other banks by making the intersection by the information and communication technology.

3. The term of the loan (15 years).

4. The amount of the loan is repayable with interest over the (180) monthly premium on a straight line and starts deduction as of the month following the month of grants.

5. interest on the loan are met (4%) per annum.

6. undertake the Investment Authority after the housing unit registered name of the buyer not to Tzlmiha only after the borrower (buyer) of residential mortgage unit in favor of the bank's first-class and the completion of foreclosure proceedings and provide support Madaanh.

7. borne by the borrower administrative commissions by (1/2%) (half percent) of the total loan amount shall be collected from the date of signing the contract.

8. The insurance on the life of the borrower at one of the Iraqi insurance companies and licensed within the treatment inside the bank and the borrower's account.

9. Grants are available in the light from the ceiling of credit and liquidity.

The bank statement for the safeguards and procedures, which are as follows:

1. ensure that the borrower offers a bill of exchange, while demand in addition to ensuring the guarantor civilian employee of the state departments installed on a permanent or retired owners, provided that the cover ratio (50%) of the total net salary monthly installment and interest owed by the borrower the amount.

2. Provide contract for the purchase of housing unit certified by the Investment Commission to be mortgaged in favor of the bank's first-class as well as other archives of the student loan.

3. In the event that the employee pay (40%) of the value of the housing unit as a down payment in two installments is granted the loan without guarantor and guarantee his salary.

4. Submission sponsor department pledged to the bank.

5. When you have completed a transaction to grant a loan of housing unit, the branch adoption model instruments (Bills) drawn on the bank for the purpose of the organization is an instrument for the National Investment Commission / Committee for executing the project Basmajh Under pledged to give away the loan from the borrower on behalf of the Commission.

6. Do not the borrower may make any legal act on the mortgaged property without the consent of the bank during the loan period until the actual payment and the full amount of the loan and its benefits, otherwise considered Nakla Under the purchase site contract with the Authority are forfeited payments and premiums paid and relive the housing unit of it.

7. meets the stamp duty rate (0.002) (two thousand) and according to the law.

8. regulated by a special contract between the bank and the borrower (Human 43).

There are advantages for those who pay in advance the entire unit price, as a priority of receipt or payment of the introduction of more than (20%).