Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee: If Iraq controls its competitor, it will not need borrowing from international criticism

Bertha News Agency
views 47 2017-03-21

A member of the Committee on Integrity Parliamentary Abdul Karim Abtan, on Tuesday, the lack of full control over the Iraqi border crossings by the State, while pointing out that Iraq had control of those ports did not need borrowing from the International Monetary Fund.

"If there was full control by the government, the country needs to resort to the International Monetary Fund, because the amounts that are flowing to Iraq through the border crossings are large and not insignificant," he said in a press statement.

He added that "the large number of decision makers in the issue of border crossings led to floundering in its work, pointing to the receipt of complaints, especially from truck drivers by the exposure of some of the controls to blackmail through the imposition of material royalties and the Commission is currently investigating this subject.

He called on the central government to "pay attention to the issue of border crossings, especially that the state is currently suffering from a financial crisis suffocating, in addition to the obligation to be subject to goods entering Iraq to the standards of quality control."