A comprehensive plan to promote the integration of the private and public sectors
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Thread: A comprehensive plan to promote the integration of the private and public sectors

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    A comprehensive plan to promote the integration of the private and public sectors

    A comprehensive plan to promote the integration of the private and public sectors

    The new morning
    Economic affairs
    March 21st, 2017


    Iraqi Businessmen Union: Adopting recycling mechanisms
    Baghdad the new morning:

    The Iraqi Businessmen's Union has put together a comprehensive plan to promote the integration of the private and public sectors, according to its chairman, Ragheb Blibel, as it became necessary after the former has clearly contributed to economic decisions that change the shape of economic performance for the better.

    Blibel said that the union "is working on organizing an expanded workshop to diagnose the imbalance in economic performance and put forward logical solutions that take into account the requirements of development of the vital sectors," which he considered "a step to restore life to the local market and by offering a national product, Negative repercussions on the consumer and the content of the source, and follow-up of the competent agencies that define their mission to protect the product and the consumer at the same time ».

    He stressed that the Union "favors the adoption of mechanisms that encourage recycling the wheel of production in a manner that serves the national industry." He pointed out that the decision of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to freeze the benefits of some industrialists affected by terrorist operations or stopped for many factors such as lack of funding is a step in the right direction, Including all industrialists ».

    He pointed out that «the increase in the volume of loans to the industrial sector serves the goal of Iraq's transition from a consumer to a producer», warning «the results of the opening of local markets to goods without specifications or products of poor or medium quality and to damage the national economy and the depletion of Iraqi funds». He stressed the importance of activating the strategy of developing the private sector and industrial development, which represents the goal of the Union during this stage.

    The Minister of Industry and Minerals, Mohamed Shi'a al-Sudani announced that the ministry «will adopt a proposal and submitted to the Committee of Economic Affairs to freeze the benefits of some of the affected industrialists».

    He said after meeting with the Director of the Industrial Bank of Iraq Bilal Sabah al-Hamdani, «the meeting dealt with the obstacles to facilitate the granting of loans to industrialists, especially the benefits accumulated and became a major obstacle in front of them».

    He pointed out that the meeting «touched on important issues related to the revitalization of industry, granting loans within the government initiative through the Central Bank of Iraq, and the theme of industrial cities and encourage the construction of the entry of the Industrial Bank supporting projects in the industrial cities to overcome the guarantees required for the industrial project, In the establishment of projects ».

    In a related context, the member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Amer Jawahri, that «the government adopts a campaign« Made in Iraq »and the required support that increases the ability of the domestic product to continue and development, diversity and competition, especially in light of the inability of thousands of domestic industrial plants to compete with foreign products In local markets. "

    In an interview with Al Hayat International, Al-Jawahri stressed that the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the Industrial Coordination Council of the Ministry should adopt the recommendations of the Industrial Strategy 2030.

    He stressed the importance of «forming a single window in the ministry to facilitate the procedures and provide all kinds of support and advice and solve the problems and bottlenecks and difficulties facing the private industrial sector and mixed».

    He considered the need to "develop the relationship and provide services and facilities to local and foreign investors in all fields." He called for "encouraging the export of local industrial products from the public, mixed, private and professional sectors without any conditions and limitations, except the importance of maintaining quality and providing logistical facilities to achieve the speed of export operations, efficiency, efficiency and competitiveness in the markets."

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