Electricity announces the addition of one thousand megawatts through the system of "photoelectric"

21/03/2017 13:30

The Ministry of Electricity announced on Tuesday that the Ministry of Electricity is working to add 1000 MW in the coming months to the electricity system via PV stations, pointing out that the Council of Ministers directed the ministries to contract with the Ministry to produce electricity through solar energy.

The teacher said that "the Ministry of Electricity has a set of referrals belonging to projects in the same sector," noting that "was contracted with a company to build a plant in the province of Samawa 50 MW, and there are 12 other contracts will be published after the transfer to companies."

"The ministry will add to the electricity system through photovoltaic stations working on solar energy, up to a thousand megawatts within 8 to 10 months," the teacher said.

"There is an agreement with Al-Zawra General Company of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to build solar systems In the headquarters of ministries and government departments in Baghdad and the provinces. "

He pointed out that "the first project was completed in the Department of Training and Development of the Ministry of Electricity, and there is a site in the Ministry of the Ministry started Zora public building solar system up to a thousand megawatts and connect with the national network."

"The Ministry of Electricity presented the project to the Council of Ministers and was directed to the ministries to adopt it," he said, adding that "the solar stations will be Support to the national electricity grid and not be the main dependence on it, because the ministry will take advantage of solar energy during periods of the sun. "

He added that "the ministry depends on the provincial councils to secure open spaces, because every 50 megawatts need 400 acres and their location needs large areas."

The country suffers from a three-decade-old electricity crisis, during the invasion of Kuwait in 1991 and the bombing of vital electricity installations by US aircraft. After 2003, billions of dollars were spent on this file without much benefit due to corruption and large thefts. In winter and summer, From a near lack of electricity, with improved spring and fall times.