Rafidain announces new controls to grant the salaries of the ten salaries of employees of the State Departments

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Trend Press / Baghdad

Rafidain Bank announced the establishment of new controls to activate the process of granting an advance (the ten salaries), the employees of the State Departments and give priority to the beneficiaries of electronic payment cards.
A statement of the bank's information received "Trend Press" a copy of it, to the grant controls are as follows:

1. The applicant must have a service of not less than one year (his appointment has been confirmed).

2 - The amount of the advance by (10) nominal salaries plus fixed allocations (marriage and certificate), not to exceed (10) million dinars out of the total ten salaries only.

3. The term of the advance (5 years) shall be paid in equal installments monthly.

4-Interest rate (9%) per annum is calculated in a reduced installment method and paid in fixed installments with installment installments one month after the grant date.

5- An administrative fee (2%) of the amount of the advance granted shall be paid.

6- The monthly deductions for the advance must not exceed the other obligations of the taxpayer for 50% of his total salary.
7. The sponsor shall provide a guarantor (civil servant of the State Department) who are not less than one year old and shall not accept the corresponding guarantees provided that the total deductions shall not exceed 50% of the total sponsor's salary.

8 - Insurance at a state insurance company by entering into a contract with the company by the general administration (financial department).

9. In the case of a previous advance, a cash or cash settlement shall be made before the advance payment is made and the remaining amount shall be paid.

Required Documents:
1. Provide identification IDs (civil status ID - Iraqi citizenship certificate - residence card - or national ID card)

2-A letter from the Ministry or the Department of Exploit supports not receiving an advance from our bank or other banks and continuing service and support monthly salary and that the Department undertakes to meet the monthly installments of his salary and transfer to the bank in accordance with the application form attached in the instructions of the bank within a period not exceeding (10 days from the date of payment of salary In case of delay, a delay interest of 2% is calculated by the number of days of delay from the due date until the date of payment in addition to the legal (contractual) interest. The model is signed by the administrative department of the ministry or the concerned department.

Mechanism of Action:
1 - The distribution of ministries and departments affiliated to the branches of Rafidain Bank and as shown in the table attached in the instructions.

2. The grants shall be reconsidered for the Ministry which will be late in paying the premiums due to its employees.

3 - Authorizing the representatives of the regions and supervisors for the purpose of distributing the departments of the ministries located in their governorates to the branches of the bank.

4 - The support offices in the offices of the representatives of the regions to send data containing the names of employees granted by the branches in their regions to the General Department / Department of Information and Communication Technologies as well as for the branches of the Bank in Baghdad for the purpose of data intersection and ensure non-repetition.

5. The Information and Communications Technology Department has approached Al-Rasheed Bank / Electronic Computer Section for the purpose of exchanging the names of the former recipients for the purpose of the intersection and ensuring the non-repetition.

6- The concerned ministries or departments concerned shall submit the names of their employees according to the application form attached in the instructions and in the form of meals, provided that the total of the meal does not exceed 100 employees for each branch as a first stage. Upon completion of the meal, The branch after obtaining the approval of the bank credit department for the purpose of not exceeding the allocation and the Ministry or the department concerned responsibility for the repetition of grants to any student advance and responsibility for the validity of the documents attached to the application forms and advance payment support to us.

7. The forms shall be sealed by verifying the correctness of the information contained in the documents required by the official of the administrative department of the concerned directorate, provided that he has the rank of director of accounts or finance after being authorized to do so under an official letter. The branches shall also be provided with the names of those authorized to sign the transactions and forms of their signatures and seals.

8 - The ministries shall direct a letter to the concerned branches, including the names of their candidates with the candidates' files. The branches shall send these names to the general administration / ICT department. The transactions shall be promoted only after receiving a letter from the ICT department confirming non-repetition.

9- The Ministry or the Department of the Lender shall be responsible for the validity of the documents attached to the application forms for the advance and support to the Bank.

10. The branch shall support the authenticity of the book issued by the Ministry or the concerned department with a certified hand.

11- Informing the taxpayers not to review the branches allocated for the purpose of disbursement of the advance only after contacting their representative in the ministry or the concerned department [financial manager] or by telephone for organizational purposes.
12. A contract for the assignment between the bank and the employee shall be regulated and the stamp duty shall be paid at [2 per thousand].
13. The branches shall keep the pledges and contracts after the issuance of the grant decision and the facilitation bonds.
14. The grant shall be in accordance with the credit allocation of the branch and shall not be exceeded in any case.
15- A page is opened on the calculator for each recipient with complete information about it and the payment schedules. In the absence of a calculator at the branch, the records are based on manual and meticulously organized alphabetical letters.

16. Provide the Loans Division with monthly statistics on advances payments for the purpose of supervision and follow-up and ensure that the ceiling for credit is not exceeded.

17 - Receipts must be received from the concerned department under an approved instrument within ten days from the date of receipt of the salary and the concerned department undertakes to do so based on the model attached in the instructions and attached to the instrument a detailed dispute including the names of the assignees with the amount of payment to each recipient.

18. The balance of the advance shall be fully payable when the employee resigns or resigns or is referred to retirement or granted a leave without pay or for any reason (death / dismissal / leaving work etc.) and shall not be granted a patent before paying the entire advance balance or If the sponsor undertakes to accept the installment of the remaining amount of his monthly salary.

19. In the case of notification of the transfer of the staff member from his department to another party, the undertaking of the applicant's credit department shall be obtained from the transferee.

20. In the case of payment before the maturity date, interest shall be calculated on the amount up to the date of repayment after adding one month for the difference in the calculation of the fixed interest.

21. All instructions issued by former employees of the former government departments and their amendments shall be canceled and replaced by the above instructions.

Distribution of ministries on the branches of Rafidain Bank for advances:

1- Ministry of Defense:
(The allocation of the branch of the Ministry of Defense to the employees of the headquarters of the ministry - the allocation of branches and the role of the officers and cities and national and Huthifa bin Al-Yaman and Rustmip for the staff headquarters located in the Rusafa side of Baghdad - the allocation of branches of the letter and Haifa for employees of headquarters located on the side of Karkh in Baghdad).

2- Ministry of Oil:
(Allocation of the branch of the oil complex to the headquarters of the Ministry of Oil and the departments associated with the ministry and the branch refineries for employees of other departments of the Ministry of Oil).

3- Ministry of Education:
- The allocation of branches of Palestine and Jerusalem Street to the headquarters of the Ministry - The allocation of branches of Al-Waziriya and Al-Azamiya for the members of education (Rasafa first) Second: - The allocation of Al-Kadhimiya branch for the employees of Al-Karkh.

4- Ministry of Water Resources
(Allocation of the branch of the eastern door of employees of the Ministry of Water Resources).

5. Ministry of Communications
(Allocation of the upper branch of the employees of the headquarters of the Ministry of Communications and related departments - the allocation of the branch of the Liberals to the rest of the departments associated with the Ministry of Communications)

6. Ministry of Municipalities
(Allocation of sub-seven palaces and municipalities for employees of the Ministry of Municipalities)

7. Ministry of Agriculture
(Allocation of the branch of Paradise Square and Victory Square for employees of the Ministry of Agriculture)

8. Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
(Allocation of work and social affairs branch of the ministry employees)

9 - Ministry of Construction and Housing
(Allocation of the branch of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the railway branch for employees of the ministry)

10. Ministry of Human Rights
(Allocation of sub-Nasr Square and the working district of the employees of the Ministry of Human Rights)

11. Ministry of Industry and Minerals
(Allocation of branches of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the White Palace and Al-Rafie Street and the Wahat Al-Wahda for Ministry employees)

12. Ministry of Environment
(Allocation of sub-Sank and Karada Maryam employees of the ministry)

13 - Departments not linked to the Ministry
(Allocation of branches Mansour, Kifah, Mustansir, Andalus and Sheikh Omar for employees of all departments not associated with the Ministry)

14 - General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Representatives
(Allocation of sub-Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Arab neighborhood of the members of the Council of Representatives and the Council of Ministers)

15 - Municipality of Baghdad
(Allocation of safety and succession to employees of the Secretariat of Baghdad)

16. The Sunni Endowment
(Allocation of the branch of the Sunni Endowment for the credit of employees of the Sunni Endowment)

17 - Governorates (Diyala - Salahuddin - Anbar)

(Delegates will distribute ministries to the branches of those provinces)

18. Branches associated with district representatives (North-South-Central)
Ministries are divided by delegates on their respective branches.