New controls to advance ten salaries for the staff of state departments

6 hours ago

Twilight News / Rafidain Bank announced the development of new controls to activate the process of granting an advance (ten salaries) to the staff of government departments and the priority given to the beneficiaries of electronic payment cards.

Posting grants:
1. requires student advance to get them to be has a service not less than one year (installed appointed)

2. The amount of the advance of (10) salary My name plus a fixed allotment (marital certificate) that no more than (10 ) million of the total salaries of only ten

3-for advance (5 years) paid in equal monthly installments.

4-interest rate of 9% per annum is calculated on a straight declining and pay fixed installments with the advance premiums month after the grant date.

5-levied administrative commission (2%) of the amount of the advance granted

6-required not to exceed the monthly deductions to advance with other overdue obligations borrower (50%) of the total salary

7-submit borrower guarantor guarantor (civilian employee of the state departments staff) of the two service of not less than one year at least and does not accept guarantees that the opposite does not exceed the total deductions (50%) of the total salary of the sponsor.

8-insurance with a government insurance companies through the conclusion of a contract with the company by the General Administration (financial section)

9-in the case of a previous advance is carried Agaydah settlement or cash advance before the exchange and spend the remaining amount.

Required documents
1-tariff progress identities (identity card - Iraqi citizenship certificate - housing Card - or national card)

2-book from the ministry or department borrower supports not received an advance of our bank or other banks and continuation of the service and the support of his monthly salary and undertake his constituency completing monthly salary premiums and transferred to the bank in accordance with the attached application in instructions bank model during a period not to exceed (10 days salary from the date of exchange) in case of delay bear interest Tojerih (2%) the number of days of delay from the due date until the date of payment in addition to legal interest (contractual) Alnozj and signed by the administrative department in the ministry or department concerned.

The mechanism of action
1-be ministries and departments affiliated distribution branches As shown in the attached table in the FAQ

2-re - examined in grants to the ministry which will linger in the payment of premiums owed to its employees

3-authorize gentlemen delegates areas and supervisors for the purpose of the distribution of existing ministries and departments in the provinces on the branches

4-based attribution offices in Gentlemen delegates regions offices to send data included the names of staff on advances by branches in their areas to the General administration \ section Tkonologia information and communication as well as for our branches in Baghdad , for the purpose of the intersection of data and ensure non - repetition

5-do information and communication technology department approached Rasheed \ electronic calculators section of the Bank for the purpose of exchanging names previously endowed for the purpose of the intersection and guarantee of non - repetition.

6-based ministries or departments concerned covered advances to submit the names of their employees under the request of the advance attached in FAQ form and in the form of meals that do not exceed the total meal (100) employees for each branch as a first stage and at the completion of the meal are provided with branch Other meal of the applicants and inspired branch after obtaining the approval of bank credit department for the purpose of non - dedicated bypass it bear the ministry or department concerned responsibility grants repeat any student advance and the responsibility of the health of the archives that came with the forms requested advance and support us so

7-stamped forms the seal of authenticity of the information contained in the required documents by the Administrative Service official Directorate concerned to be a degree of financial account manager or after authorized to do so by an official letter also be provided with the names of the branches authorized to sign transactions and models signatures and Akhtamanm.

8-based ministries address a letter to the concerned branches include the names of candidates along with a filing of candidates and the branches to send these names to the General Administration \ ICT Department is not promoting the transaction only after receiving a letter from the ICT department confirms the non - repetition

9-borne ministry or borrower Service is responsible for the health of the archives that came with the request for the advance and support us so forms

10. The branch backing of the health of the book received from the ministry or department concerned , however , certified

11. inform borrowers not to review dedicated to the purpose of the advance disbursement branches only after contact Bmmthelhm the ministry or department concerned (Director financial) or by phone in regulatory purposes and bears the branch manager to verify the integrity of the contact

12. organize a special contract on credit between the bank and the employee is the stamp duty are met by (two thousand)

13. holds the branches keeping commitments and contracts after the grant decision and also applicable to bills facilities

14 - in accordance with the provision of credit to the branch are grants and shall not be exceeded in any case

15. opens a page on the calculator for each Mstlv include complete your Information and schedules of payment in the case of absence calculator at the branch are relying on manual records and the organization accurately and in alphabetical

16. provide advances statistic monthly on repayments of advances Division for the purpose of supervision and follow - up and make sure not allocated ceiling exceeded lending

17. requires the receipt of payments from the department concerned under instrument approved and within ten days from the date of receipt of the salary , however , and is committed to the relevant department so on the basis of the model pledge facility in the instructions and attach with the instrument controversial Detail includes the names of the borrowers with the amount of each payment Mstlv

18. balance of the advance it becomes the duty of full payment when the employee borrower interruption resignation or his retirement or granted leave without pay or for any reason (death / chapter / leaving work .... etc.) and granted clearance by the repayment of the entire balance of the advance or if the sponsor has pledged to accept installment remaining amount of his monthly salary

19. in the case of the transfer of the employee to inform you of his constituency to the borrower on the other hand has vowed Asthsal student credit department of the transfused it.

20. In the case of repayment before the maturity date of the interest on the amount until the date of payment is calculated by adding one month for differences in fixed interest is calculated

21. Mark predecessor directive abolishing the previous employees of state departments and its amendments and replace the instructions above.

The allocation of ministries on the branches of our bank for the predecessor
------------------------------------------- ---------------
1-Ministry of Defence
( the allocation of the Ministry of defense branch of the employees of the ministry 's headquarters - the allocation of branches Azwaip and the role of the officers and the cities and the national and Huzaifa ibn al - Yaman and Rustumiya to employees of the headquarters located in Rusafa in Baghdad - the allocation of branches of the letter and Haifa to employees of the headquarters located in the Karkh district of Baghdad)

2-oil Ministry
( the allocation of the oil complex to the headquarters of the Ministry of oil and circuits associated with the ministry and branch refineries to employees of other organizations of the Ministry of oil circles branch)

3-the Ministry of Education
(allocation of Palestine and Jerusalem Street branch to the headquarters of the ministry - the allocation of branches Waziriya and Adhamiya to employees of the Education (Rusafa first) - customize fraternity branch and Sevilla to employees of the Education (Rusafa third) - customize branches pratha, liberty and the ocean to employees of Education (first Karkh) - allocation of knowledge to employees of the Education branch (second Karkh) - allocation of Kadhimiya branch employees (Karkh third) - customize Zahra branch of the employees of the Education (Karkh third)

4. Ministry of water resources
(allocation of the eastern section branch of the employees of the Ministry of water resources)

5-Ministry of communications
(allocation of the upper branch of the employees of the headquarters of the Ministry of communications and departments associated - the allocation of the Liberal branch for the rest associated with the Ministry of communications circles)

6- The Ministry of municipalities
(allocation of sub - seven palaces and municipalities to employees of the Ministry of municipalities)

7-Ministry of Agriculture
(allocation and victory Square Paradise Square branch of the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture)

8-The Ministry of Labour and social Affairs
(allocation of labor and social affairs branch of the employees of the ministry)

9-Ministry of Construction and Housing
(customize branch The Ministry of Construction and Housing and branch railway to employees of the ministry)

10 - The Ministry of Human rights
(allocation of victory Square sub - inspired factor for employees of the Ministry of Human rights)

11 - The Ministry of Industry and minerals
(allocation of branches of the Ministry of Industry and minerals and the White Palace and the Street Rafii inspired unit of employees of the ministry)

12 - Ministry of environment
(allocation Sinak sub and Karada Mariam for the employees of the ministry)

13 - non - circles linked to the Ministry
( the allocation of branches Mansour fight and Mustansir and Andalus and Sheikh Omar to employees of all circles of others related to the Ministry)

14 - General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives
( the allocation of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Arab neighborhood branch to employees of the board House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers)

15 - Baghdad Municipality
(customizable safety sub successors to employees of the Municipality of Baghdad)

16 - the Sunni Waqf
( the allocation of the Sunni Endowment , a branch of the lending employees of the Sunni Waqf)

17 - provinces (Diyala - Salahuddin - Anbar)
(the delegates distributed ministries on branches those provinces)

18 - branches associated with the delegates regions (North - South - Central)

is the division of ministries by the delegates of their respective branches