Joint statement: Iraq and America emphasize the commitment to a comprehensive partnership for the coming years [expanded]

Date of release: 2017/3/20 23:33 • 130 times read

Iraq and the United States of America have affirmed their commitment to a comprehensive strategic partnership that will benefit both countries over the coming years.

The joint statement issued after the meeting of the delegation of Iraq headed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on Monday in Washington with US President Donald Trump and his administration received the agency [All] Iraq [a copy], Trump welcomed Abadi today in the Oval Office, stressing the continuation of US support for Iraq and its people The common war that countries are waging against terrorist gangs. "

"The United States is committed to Iraq today with a comprehensive partnership based on mutual respect in the light of the Iraq-US Strategic Framework Agreement, which sets the framework for cooperation in the political, economic and cultural fields," the statement added.
"President Trump has been keen to host Prime Minister Abadi in the White House among the first heads of the world, valuing the role of Iraq and supporting the close relationship between the American and Iraqi people and the importance of the relationship between the two governments."

"The level of military cooperation between Iraq and the United States in the war against Da'ash and the military campaign to liberate Mosul is commendable," Prime Minister Abbadi and President Trump said at a meeting today.

The statement said that "despite the ferocity of the enemy, but we are confident of his defeat, as Iraqi forces continue to win the war against Da'ash, the two presidents agreed that the partnership between Iraq and the United States will continue in the long term to root out terrorism in Iraq and to strengthen The strength of Iraq in the military and other important areas. "

"In cooperation with our 68 member states of the International Coalition to Eliminate Struggle, the United States will continue to provide support and training to Iraqi forces to achieve decisive and lasting victory against terrorist gangs and their capabilities reach an advanced level of capability and efficiency. Represents an important pillar to support security in both countries. "

"Terrorism can not be completely defeated by military victory only," the joint statement said. "The two presidents agree on the need to strengthen the partnership between the two countries to include the political and economic areas through the Common Strategic Framework Agreement."

He pointed out that "the officials of the two countries will discuss in the coming months about the steps to be taken to consolidate economic ties, encourage investment and expand prospects for cooperation in the energy sector, and seek to create new opportunities and strengthen cooperation in the education sector and culture."

"We seek common interests and promote the well-being of both countries," he said. "The United States applauds Prime Minister Abbadi's vision of building a strong and diverse economy in Iraq capable of meeting the needs of the Iraqi people."

"The United States strongly supports Iraq's partnership with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and will continue to coordinate with the Group of Seven [G7] countries to help Iraq achieve economic stability and implement the reforms it needs," he said.

The United States also welcomes "the efforts of the Prime Minister to promote a good governance that represents all Iraqis and to address the humanitarian disasters in the country resulting from the brutality of an entity that advocates terrorism."

"The need to develop and maintain positive relations between Iraq and neighboring countries in the region to promote stability in the Middle East and help Iraq to build what was destroyed by the entity calling for the terrorist."

President Trump praised "Iraq's efforts to build constructive relations with the countries of the region and the important role of those relations to enhance Iraq's ability to address terrorism in all its forms and not to allow any attempts to destabilize Iraq and undermine its democratic institutions."

"The United States and Iraq will continue to commit to a comprehensive partnership of benefit to both countries over the coming years," the statement concluded.