Baghdad {: News} Euphrates ended the State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki met him this evening, certainly on the unity of the National Alliance and pursue dialogue to resolve the crisis.
The MP said the state law Rikabi Ibrahim told the News} {Euphrates today that "a coalition of law stressed the unity of the National Alliance and speed up the national meeting held to resolve the crisis between all political parties and conduct dialogue with all political parties."
He added that "all those who attended the meeting of ministers and governors and members of the political body confirmed that the Constitution is the rule among the political parties in addition to" discuss the overall political situation in the Iraqi arena. "
Regarding the discussion of the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the selection of a replacement Rikabi said that "this power of the National Alliance and public support for the Prime Minister does not make us take this matter into consideration."
The coalition of state law is one of the poles of the National Alliance and has 89 seats before they withdraw from it are the two deputies and Javad Safiya al-Suhail Albzona.
The other pole of the National Coalition for the National Alliance met yesterday and discussed a meeting of Najaf and the deadline for the National Alliance to respond Allehauorteur had a meeting of the National Alliance, a day after tomorrow, Saturday.
The meeting of Najaf, which was held last Saturday gave the National Alliance for a week to respond to the points identified in the meeting of Irbil, which includes one of them to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister in the event of failure to respond to these demands. Ended 2