Is there a difference between a crowd Barzani and the popular crowd? Kurds to join the wave of the popular crowd

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Follow the voice of Kurdistan: Kurdish youth began and some of the heads of the tribes are eager to join the units of the Iraqi People and the crowd that has been formulated within the legal framework was welcomed by even Njerawan Barzani. But join the Kurds to these units caused by the responses of unnatural acts by Barzani Party and issued the Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Region and controlled by Barzani himself issued a statement in which refused to form any military force outside the scope of the Peshmerga and went Ali Awni official in Barzani's party beyond from where it described the Kurdish units (Paljhouc) and sent a letter to Talabani and the movement for change party was formed areas where some units of the popular crowd at Halabja and Khanaqin and were joined by heads of clans in the day under the control of the same party Barzani Khlaifan area.

Crowd popular military units receive salaries from Baghdad. Barzani movements and formed his loyal of Rozafa and military forces of the Arabs and the Christians in the Nineveh Plain encouraged young Kurdish in Kurdistan Region to join the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces troops as voted in favor of the formation of these forces Kurdish parties also and including its own Barzani's party, and have been recognized legal force in Iraq.

Barzani, the party propaganda Arab military force Sunni and Christian and the strength of Rozafa, which had been created in the name of the Peshmerga, the Kurdish, which encouraged young people not to see the difference between the popular crowd and the crowd Barzani. Barzani paid to cobble together and pay for Iraq mobilized.