Baghdad and Washington are discussing opening by Iraq with Jordan and file Khor Abdullah

March 20, 2017


Search by Army Chief, General Othman Al ghanmi, Sunday evening, with the central region commander General Joseph votel, Commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Syria General Townsend and their Entourage, the format for the open road link between Iraq and Jordan.

And the Iraqi Defense Ministry said in a statement that the meeting nlkosh in the presence of aides and Army Chief corner, officers ' conduct ongoing military operations in Mosul, adding to the support pieces involved edits and a number of issues on the agenda. "

"As the meeting addressed a number of important themes notably support the armaments and equipment of the Iraqi army units and also coordination with the Jordanian side to open a road link between Iraq and Jordan and secured as well as Khawr file and its importance for Iraq security and economically, providing a detailed brief by Naval Force Commander on the Khor Abdullah and protect waterways and regional water sharing."

For his part, General votel pleased major victories by Iraqi security forces in Mosul which gained the admiration of every country in the world, at the same time affirming the commitment of the coalition countries chiefly United States in providing all kinds of support at this stage and beyond to eliminate terrorist ISIS. "