Arab meeting in Kirkuk suggests a coordinating body for liberating the occupied areas

03/20/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 605 - Issue (3881)


Kirkuk's Arabs agreed to put forward a proposal to form a body to coordinate the effort to liberate the south and west regions of Kirkuk, and mobilize efforts for the return of all displaced people to their areas after Editing.

Said Ahmed al-Obeidi, coordinator of the joint Arab meeting in Kirkuk, in a statement Atalt it (run) a copy of it, that "in light of the continued Aldaasha occupation of Arab areas in Kirkuk and the suffering of the displaced people of the Arab component and low frequency performance of the representatives of the official component of the few in number in the provincial council and the lack of support and support for them from the Iraqi government and the dispersion of the Arab parties in the political process in Kirkuk and the monotony of the Arab voice and lack of influence in the arena, ask the Commission proposal for the formation of the coordination effort Arabi".

He said al-Obeidi said "the Commission will be under the supervision of the presidency of Sheikh Anwar al-Assi to include all tribal parties and official representatives of the Arabs in Kirkuk and heads of departments of the Arabs and the civil society organizations, academics, intellectuals, politicians and other social figures and all Arab active cadres in the province for the purpose of reuniting the Arab component and heal the rifts of this component and an end to separation ".

He said Arab meeting coordinator that "the task of this body are the only two subjects gather support and support to the speed of liberalization regions of the southern and western Kirkuk Aldaasha occupation and mobilize efforts for the return of all displaced people to their areas after the liberation."

Obeidi and pointed out that "these two important axis of Arab action in Kirkuk until their achievement, because the unity of the Arab component are the perfect solution for all component problems and be this body is only authorized to represent the Arab societal and dialogue with other ingredients because they are hand tribal community popular with all sectors of Arab society." .

He said the joint Arab meeting, "the coordinator we Klqa Arabic for Antma in any position or committee or others in this body, but we citizens hope in the elevation and happiness and well-being and unity of the component and the return of Nazhah to their areas after Tharirmenatgahm", pointing out "we have said from the beginning that it was opposed to the Arab unity has no place among the Arabs. "